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Oklahoma State University Medical Center
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
Oklahoma state medical center.png
Image of Oklahoma State University Medical Center
Location744 W 9th St, Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
Hospital type Teaching
Beds249 [1]
Website www.osumc.net
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Oklahoma State University Medical Center (OSU Medical Center) is a teaching hospital with medical clinics located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. OSU medical center operates a large number of osteopathic residency and fellowship programs. The hospital is accredited by the American Osteopathic Association's Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program. [2]

The emergency department at OSUMC receives about 45,000 visits per year. [3]

Oklahoma legislators have appropriated $40 million in funding towards improving the hospital's technology and facilities. Among the expected improvements are an expansion of the intensive care unit and renovations to the women's health and neonatal intensive care unit programs. The hospital is the largest osteopathic teaching center in the United States, training 126 resident physicians in primary and sub-specialty care each year.


The OSU Medical Center began as the Oklahoma Osteopathic Hospital, which was created in 1943 by a group of osteopathic physicians. The hospital name was later changed to Tulsa Regional Medical Center. In 1996, the non-profit hospital was bought by Columbia/HCA of Nashville, Tennessee. [4] The company later became the target of a federal fraud investigation, which eventually pleaded guilty and paid $1.7 billion in fines. The hospital was sold to Tulsa-based Hillcrest Medical Center, another non-profit, which already owned another hospital in Tulsa. The for-profit Ardent Health Services, also of Nashville, bought the Hillcrest system in 2004. In 2009, the city formed a trust to take over the hospital, which was threatened with closure by lack of funds. [5]


OSU Medical Center has a partnership with OSU Center for Health Sciences and Diagnostic Imaging Associates to provide medical care to rural communities in Oklahoma with a telemedicine program. This program currently includes 35 regional hospital and clinic partners, and is one of the largest statewide telemedicine programs in the United States.

OSU Medical Center also provides cardiology care, comprehensive wound care, and child, adolescent, and geriatric psychiatric care. OSU Medical Center recently expanded its cardiology services and uses Cardiology of Tulsa to oversee its cardiology fellowship program.

Graduate medical education

OSU Medical Center operates a large number of osteopathic medical residency programs. Training programs include internal medicine, [6] pediatrics, [7] emergency medicine, [8] anesthesiology, [9] diagnostic radiology, [10] general surgery, [11] obstetrics and gynecology, [12] orthopedic surgery. [13] and ophthalmology. [14]

Fellowship programs include cardiology (heart), [15] oncology (cancer), [16] and nephrology (kidney). [17]


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