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State Auditor of Ohio
Seal of the State Auditor of Ohio.svg
Seal of the State Auditor
Keith Faber

since January 14, 2019
StyleThe Honorable
Term lengthFour years, two term limit
Inaugural holder Thomas Gibson
Formation Ohio Constitution
Website Office of the State Auditor of Ohio

The Ohio State Auditor (formally known as the Auditor of State) is responsible for auditing all the public offices of the state of Ohio. The auditor is elected to a four-year term. The current Auditor is Keith Faber.

Term Name Party Notes
1803–1808 Thomas Gibson Democratic-Republican  
1808–1815 Benjamin Hough Democratic-Republican  
1815–1833 Ralph Osborn Democratic-Republican  
1833–1839 John A. Bryan    
1839–1845 John Brough Democratic  
1845–1852 John Woods Whig  
1852–1856 William Duane Morgan Democratic  
1856–1860 Francis M. Wright Republican  
1860–1863 Robert W. Tayler Republican Resigned April, 1863. [1]
1863–1864 Oviatt Cole Republican  
1864–1872 James H. Godman Republican  
1872–1880 James Williams Republican  
1880–1884 John F. Oglevee Republican  
1884–1888 Emil Kiesewetter Democratic  
1888–1896 Ebenezer W. Poe Republican  
1896–1909 Walter D. Guilbert Republican  
1909–1913 Edward M. Fullington Republican  
1913–1921 A. Victor Donahey Democratic  
1921–1937 Joseph T. Tracy Republican  
1937–1953 Joseph T. Ferguson Democratic  
1953–1963 James A. Rhodes Republican resigned
1963–1964 Roger W. Tracy, Jr. Republican died in office
1964–1965 Chester W. Goble Republican appointed
1965–1966 Roger Cloud Republican appointed
1966–1967 Archer E. Reilly Republican  
1967–1971 Roger Cloud (2nd term) Republican  
1971–1975 Joseph T. Ferguson Democratic  
1975–1995 Thomas E. Ferguson Democratic  
1995–2003 James M. Petro Republican  
2003–2007 Betty Montgomery Republican  
2007–2011 Mary Taylor Republican  
2011–2019 Dave Yost Republican  
2019- Keith Faber Republican Incumbent


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