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Northern Mariana Islands Senate
New session started
19th Legislature (Jan. 2015 - Jan. 2017)
Meeting place
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The is the upper house of the Northern Mariana Islands Commonwealth Legislature. The Senate consists of nine senators representing three senatorial districts ( Saipan & the Northern Islands, Tinian & Aguijan, and Rota), each a multi-member constituency with three senators.

In the November 2007 elections, the three senators up for re-election were all re-elected to another four-year term in the 16th and 17th Senate. The Covenant Party, which lost control of the House, entered into coalition with the Democrats and a lone Independent over the Senate's leadership and voting agenda.

The CNMI Senate was controlled in 2016 by a Republican majority under Senate President Franciso Borja. [1]

Maria Frica Pangelinan was the first woman to serve in the Senate. [2]

Composition of the Senate

  Republican: 7 seats
  Independent: 2 seats
Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority/plurality)
Republican Covenant Independent Vacant
End of 17th Legislature 4 1 4 9 0
Beginning of 18th Legislature 5 0 4 9 0
End of 18th Legislature 6 3
Beginning of 19th Legislature 7 0 2 9 0
December 29, 2015 [3] 6 8 1
January 9, 2016 [4] 3 9 0
End of 19th Legislature
Beginning of 20th Legislature 7 0 2 9 0
Latest voting share 78% 22%

Members, 19th Legislature

District Name Party
Steve Mesngon Rep
Paul Manglona Ind
Teresita Santos Rep
Francisco Borja Rep
Francisco Cruz Rep
Jude Hofschneider Rep
Sixto Igisomar Rep
Arnold Palacios Rep
Justo Quitugua Ind

Past composition of the Senate

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