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North Triangle Pond
Location Plymouth, Massachusetts
Coordinates 41°57′00″N 70°42′15″W / 41.95000°N 70.70417°W / 41.95000; -70.70417
NORTH TRIANGLE POND Latitude and Longitude:

41°57′00″N 70°42′15″W / 41.95000°N 70.70417°W / 41.95000; -70.70417
Basin countriesUnited States
Surface area20 acres (8.1 ha)
Average depth3 ft (0.91 m)
Settlements West Plymouth

North Triangle Pond is a 20-acre (81,000 m2) shallow pond in the West Plymouth section of Plymouth, Massachusetts, east of the Route 80 terminus off Samoset Street (former U.S. Route 44). The average water depth of the pond is less than one meter. The water quality is impaired due to non-native aquatic plants and nuisance exotic species. North Triangle Pond is also home to the endangered Northern Red-Bellied Cooter.

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