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Ninnescah River
Arkansas river basin map.png
Map of the Arkansas River watershed including the Ninnescah River
Country United States
State Kansas
Physical characteristics
Source confluence 
 ⁃ location Sedgwick County, Kansas
 ⁃ coordinates 37°34′05″N 97°42′19″W / 37.56806°N 97.70528°W / 37.56806; -97.70528
 ⁃ elevation1,302 ft (397 m)
Mouth Arkansas River
 ⁃ location
Sumner County, Kansas
 ⁃ coordinates
37°19′17″N 97°09′59″W / 37.32139°N 97.16639°W / 37.32139; -97.16639
NINNESCAH RIVER Latitude and Longitude:

37°19′17″N 97°09′59″W / 37.32139°N 97.16639°W / 37.32139; -97.16639
 ⁃ elevation
1,152 ft (351 m)
Length56 mi (90 km)
Basin size2,129 sq mi (5,510 km2)
 ⁃ location USGS 07145500 near Peck, KS [2]
 ⁃ average522 cu ft/s (14.8 m3/s)
 ⁃ minimum0.2 cu ft/s (0.0057 m3/s)
 ⁃ maximum33,700 cu ft/s (950 m3/s)
Basin features
 ⁃ left North Fork Ninnescah River
 ⁃ right South Fork Ninnescah River
WatershedsNinnescah- Arkansas-

The Ninnescah River is a river in the central Great Plains of North America. Its entire 56.4-mile (90.8 km) length lies within the U.S. state of Kansas. It is a tributary of the Arkansas River. [3]


The Ninnescah River originates in the Wellington Lowlands of south-central Kansas. It is formed in southwestern Sedgwick County by the confluence of the North Fork Ninnescah River and the South Fork Ninnescah River. From there, it flows southeast into the Arkansas River Lowlands. It empties into the Arkansas River roughly 3 miles (4.8 km) north of Oxford, Kansas in eastern Sumner County. [4]

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