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Nexteer Automotive
Industry Automotive
Predecessor Delphi Steering
Founded2009 [1]
Founder GM
Headquarters1272 Doris Rd, Auburn Hills, MI 48326, ,
United States
Number of locations
40 (2011)
Area served
Key people
Guibin Zhao [2] (CEO)
Mike Richardson(President)
Robert J. Remenar [1] (Former President, Former CEO, Former Board of Directors)
ProductsHydraulic and electric power steering systems, halfshafts
Revenue$2.4 billion +
Number of employees
Parent Pacific Century Motors [1]

Nexteer Automotive ( SEHK1316) is an automotive parts supplier owned by Pacific Century Motors and headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan, United States. [3] Nexteer is a global manufacturer of steering and driveline products. With more than 10,000 employees, Nexteer operates 20 manufacturing plants worldwide, 14 local customer support centers and five regional engineering centers and test centers. Nexteer is the fourth-largest steering-parts supplier by market share. [4] It has more than 60 customers globally, including BMW, General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Fiat, Toyota, PSA Peugeot Citroen and manufacturers not only in North America, but in India, China and South America.


Nexteer's original predecessor was founded in 1906 under the name Jackson, Wilcox and Church. Their product was named the Jacox gear. In 1909, the unit was purchased by Buick then was transferred to parent company General Motors as the Jackson, Church and Wilcox Division. The division was renamed Saginaw Product Company in 1919 and Saginaw Steering Gear Division in 1928. The trade name of Jacox was changed to Saginaw in 1930. Saginaw Steering for 90 years was a part of GM. Saginaw Division became the division's name in 1985. The Saginaw Division is group with other GM component units into Automotive Components Group. [5] GM in 1999 spun off its parts group as Delphi Automotive including Saginaw Steering. Saginaw Division was renamed Delphi Steering. [6]


With Delphi entering a lengthy bankruptcy proceeding, GM purchased Delphi Steering through their subsidiary, GM Global Steering Holdings LLC, in 2009 and renamed the company, Nexteer Automotive. [7] GM moved to have the union change their contract with Nexteer in order to prepare the company for a sale as Nexteer had multiple customers besides GM. After the first offered agreement, GM warned the employees that this may hamper finding a buyer; the results being that GM may just shut Nexteer down. A second agreement was ratified by the union. [6] The Michigan Economic Growth Authority gave a $70.7 million state tax credit over ten years to Nexteer in November 2009. Nexteer announced that same month investment plans totaling $400 million across the board and keeping its headquarters in Buena Vista Township. The Township responded with a 100 percent 20 year tax abatement. [8] Nexteer was acquired by Pacific Century Motors on November 29, 2010. [1] After the purchase, Nexteer was split into two separate companies.

Nexteer originally was going to go public on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in June 2013, [9] but the IPO was delayed until October 2013. [10]

The company relocated its headquarters to Auburn Hills, Michigan in 2015. [11]



  • 1906: Manual Steering
  • 1951: Hydraulic Assisted Steering
  • 1960s: Tilt-Wheel Steering Columns, Front-Wheel Drive Halfshafts, Energy-Absorbing Column
  • 1970s: Air Bag Column, First Rack and Pinion Gear
  • 1980s: Global Engineering
  • 1995: Speed Variable Assist, Electric Power Steering
  • 1999: Power Tilt Telescope Column, Quadrasteer
  • 2004: Active Energy-Absorbing Column, Tri-Glide Halfshaft Joint
  • 2009: Single Pinion Electric Power Steering
  • 2011: Full Size Truck Rack Electric Power Steering [12]


  • Steering Systems: active steering, electric power steering, hydraulic power steering and torque overlay solutions
    • Electric Power Steering: Since 1999, Nexteer Automotive has put more than 15 million EPS units on the road, saving more than 1.3 billion US gallons (4,900,000 m3) of fuel. [13]
  • Steering Components: columns; electronics, modules & sub-assemblies; intermediate shafts
  • Driveline Products: front-wheel drive halfshafts, rear-wheel drive halfshafts, intermediate drive shafts, propeller shaft joints, advanced technology


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