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New Ipswich Mountain
New Ipswich Mountain is located in New Hampshire
New Ipswich Mountain
New Ipswich Mountain
Location in New Hampshire
Highest point
Elevation1880+ ft (573+ m)   NGVD 29 [1]
Prominence480 ft (150 m)  [1]
Coordinates 42°44′44″N 71°54′58″W / 42.7456417°N 71.9161888°W / 42.7456417; -71.9161888
NEW IPSWICH MOUNTAIN Latitude and Longitude:

42°44′44″N 71°54′58″W / 42.7456417°N 71.9161888°W / 42.7456417; -71.9161888
Location New Ipswich, New Hampshire
Parent range Wapack Range
Topo map USGS Ashburnham
Age of rock400 million years
Mountain type metamorphic rock
Easiest route Wapack Trail

New Ipswich Mountain is a summit within the Wapack Range of mountains in south-central New Hampshire, United States. It lies within the town of New Ipswich and is traversed by the 22-mile (35 km) Wapack Trail. Barrett Mountain is located directly to the north along the Wapack ridgeline; Stony Top, a subordinate peak of Pratt Mountain, lies to the south. The summit of the mountain is mostly wooded, but a number of rocky ledges below the summit offer views of the surrounding countryside.

The east side of the mountain drains into the Souhegan River watershed, to the Merrimack River thence the Atlantic Ocean; the west side drains into the Millers River watershed, to the Connecticut River, thence into Long Island Sound.


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