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Nenana City School District (NCSD) is a school district in Nenana, Alaska.

It operates one public school, the Nenana City Public School (NCPS), which has 200 students as of 2016. Some students live in the Nenana Student Living Center, the district's boarding facility. The district also uses the CyberLynx K-12 education program. [1]

Boarding house

The Nenana Student Living Center (NSLC) is a boarding home for high school students (grades 9-12) operated by the NCSD. As of 2016 it houses about 100 students who originate from various parts of Alaska. [2] It is one of three in the state of Alaska. The students attend the regular Nenana City Public School and are not segregated in a separate education program. The center's students make up about 70% of the high school's enrollment.[ citation needed]


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