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Nenana City School District (NCSD) is a school district in Nenana, Alaska.

It operates one public school, the Nenana City School (NCS), which has 179 students as of 2017-2018. Some students live in the Nenana Student Living Center, the district's boarding facility. The district also runs CyberLynx Correspondence Program. [1]

Boarding house

The Nenana Student Living Center (NSLC) is a boarding home for high school students (grades 9-12) operated by the NCSD. As of 2018, it houses about 77 students who originate from various parts of Alaska. [2] It is one of three in the state of Alaska. The students attend the regular Nenana City School and are not segregated in a separate education program. The center's students make up about 70% of the high school's enrollment.[ citation needed]


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