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Location of Gilliam County in Oregon

This list presents the full set of buildings, structures, objects, sites, or districts designated on the National Register of Historic Places in Gilliam County, Oregon, and offers brief descriptive information about each of them. The National Register recognizes places of national, state, or local historic significance across the United States. [1] Out of over 90,000 National Register sites nationwide, [2] Oregon is home to over 2,000, [3] and 3 of those are found in Gilliam County.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted March 7, 2019. [4]

Current listings

[5] Name on the Register Image Date listed [6] Location City or town Description
1 S. B. Barker Building
S. B. Barker Building
February 21, 1989
( #89000053)
333 S. Main Street
45°14′04″N 120°11′06″W / 45.234340°N 120.185062°W / 45.234340; -120.185062 (S. B. Barker Building)
Condon Built in 1903 at the center of downtown Condon, this Italianate general store typifies the mercantile businesses serving ranches and farms throughout eastern Oregon in the early part of the 20th century. Its early proprietors, Simon Bradbury Barker (owner 1903–1918) and James Dunn Burns (owner 1926–1986), were leading economic and political figures in Gilliam County, and Barker became a prominent businessman statewide. [7]
2 Condon Commercial Historic District
Condon Commercial Historic District
May 29, 1998
( #98000609)
Roughly along Main Street between Frazer Street and Spring Street
45°14′10″N 120°11′05″W / 45.236147°N 120.184825°W / 45.236147; -120.184825 (Condon Commercial Historic District)
3 Silas A. Rice Log House
Silas A. Rice Log House
October 31, 1991
( #91001556)
Oregon Route 19 at Burns Park
45°14′29″N 120°10′45″W / 45.241363°N 120.179216°W / 45.241363; -120.179216 (Silas A. Rice Log House)

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