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Nasketucket River
Naskatucket River
Nasketuckett River
Nasketucket River (USGS map, 1893).jpg
Nasketucket River and vicinity, 1893.
Country United States
State Massachusetts
Region Fairhaven
Physical characteristics
 - coordinates 41°39′15″N 70°53′12″W / 41.65417°N 70.88667°W / 41.65417; -70.88667
 - location
Little Bay
 - coordinates
41°37′55″N 70°51′58″W / 41.63194°N 70.86611°W / 41.63194; -70.86611
NASKETUCKET RIVER Latitude and Longitude:

41°37′55″N 70°51′58″W / 41.63194°N 70.86611°W / 41.63194; -70.86611
 - elevation
0 ft (0 m)
Length3 mi (4.8 km)

The Nasketucket River is a small river (stream) arising in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, and emptying about 3 miles downstream into Little Bay, a branch of Nasketucket Bay on Buzzards Bay. [1] [2]


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