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Mount Pinchot
Mount Pinchot is located in Oklahoma
Mount Pinchot
Mount Pinchot
Mount Pinchot's location in Oklahoma.
Highest point
Elevation2,476 ft (755 m)  [1]
Coordinates 34°47′58″N 98°46′21″W / 34.79944°N 98.77250°W / 34.79944; -98.77250
MOUNT PINCHOT (OKLAHOMA) Latitude and Longitude:

34°47′58″N 98°46′21″W / 34.79944°N 98.77250°W / 34.79944; -98.77250
Location Comanche County, Oklahoma, U.S.
Parent range Wichita Mountains
Topo map USGS [2]
Age of rock Cambrian Period [3]
Mountain type Igneous [3]

Mount Pinchot is the highest peak in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge of Southwest Oklahoma at 2,476 feet (755 m) above sea level. [4] [5] It is located toward the western edge of the WMWR. The US Fish and Wildlife Service is responsible for the maintenance of the area. Mount Pinchot is located within the Wildlife Refuge's Special Use Area and is closed to the public. Special wildlife viewing tours are offered by the Refuge which take participants very near the base of the mountain.

The highest peak in the Wichita Mountains (including areas outside the Refuge) is Haley Peak, at 2,481 ft (756 m). [6] Haley Peak (officially unnamed) is located on private property just outside the NW corner of the Refuge. [Haley Peak Elevation information from records stored at USGS/NSDI Standards Team/NGTOC III/Mid-Continent Mapping Center/Rolla MO.]

Mount Pinchot was named in honor of Gifford Pinchot who served as the first Chief of the United States Forest Service.


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