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Mother Earth Living
EditorJessica Kellner
Total circulation
First issueMay 1999 (1999-May)
Company Ogden Publications
CountryUnited States
Based in Topeka, Kansas
ISSN 2159-7812
OCLC number 700289635

Mother Earth Living (previously Natural Home & Garden) [1] is an American bimonthly magazine about sustainable homes and lifestyle published by Ogden Publications. The headquarters is in Topeka, Kansas. [2]

Acquisition and rebranding

In 2012, Ogden Publications re-branded Natural Home & Garden as Mother Earth Living after the merger with the more popular magazine The Herb Companion [3] and re-directed the domain to

In 2006, Ogden Publications acquired Natural Home. [4] Editor-in-chief Robyn Griggs Lawrence explained:

Natural Home started out in 1999 with a much stronger focus on building new homes with alternative materials such as straw bales and adobe, and technologies such as solar power. That focus was unique and cutting-edge — and there was no shortage of material to cover. Problem was, there just weren’t enough hip readers to make a sustainable magazine. After five years of circulation that’s barely reached six digits, the painful truth is that we now must reach beyond the boundaries of the eco-conscious consumer markets ( Boulder, Berkeley, and Burlington), or we simply can’t afford to make the magazine anymore. From the beginning, our overarching mission has been to bring green, healthy homes and lifestyles to a mainstream audience; we have to be more accessible. [1]

The magazine was revamped in 2005 and includes a column on eco-conscious money management, a "Try This" easy home projects section, and more articles on food, decorating, gardening, and remodeling.


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