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The Montgomery Public Schools headquarters and Montgomery County Board of Education is located at 307 S. Decatur Street in Montgomery.

Montgomery Public Schools is a school district headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama, United States. The current Superintendent of Montgomery Public Schools is Dr. Ann Roy Moore. The district serves the city of Montgomery and surrounding Montgomery County. It is the third largest district in Alabama, with 31,743 students enrolled. [1] The entire district is accredited by AdvancED and also has three International Baccalaureate programs: Macmillan International Academy (Elementary), Johnnie Carr Middle School, and Loveless Academic Magnet Program (LAMP) High School.


In the mid-1910s the county operated forty-seven schools for 3,020 White children. These schools were funded by the county and had only enough desks for about a third of the students. Combined, these schools had a value about half that of the county jail. [2]

In 2014 four Montgomery Public School high schools made it onto the US News and World Report best high schools list, the most of any system in the state, with LAMP High School being named both the best high school in the state and among the top 20 high schools in the nation. Two other MPS schools (BTW Magnet High School and Brewbaker Technology Magnet High School) were named in the top ten best Alabama high schools list, and George Washington Carver High School was also recognized as a top high school on the list.

In 2017 the state took over a number of failing schools in the system. [3] In April 2017, it was reported that the principals of the 27 failing schools were to receive ten-percent salary increases and three-year contract extensions. [4]

On August 18, 2018, one of the three buildings that make up the campus of Booker T. Washington Magnet High School burned down. The 411 students from BTW will be moved to the (currently closed) Hayneville Road Elementary School. [5]


Secondary schools

7-12 schools

  • Fews Alternative Secondary School, Montgomery
  • Patterson Academy of Creative Education, Montgomery

High schools

Middle schools and junior high schools

  • Baldwin Arts and Academics Magnet Middle School, Montgomery
  • Brewbaker Middle School, Montgomery
  • Capitol Heights Junior High School, Montgomery
  • Johnnie R. Carr Junior High School, Montgomery
  • Floyd Middle Magnet School, Montgomery
  • Goodwyn Jr. High School, Montgomery
  • Walter T. McKee Junior High School, Montgomery
  • Southlawn Middle School, Montgomery

K-8 schools

  • Dunbar-Ramer School, Ramer

Elementary schools

  • Bear Exploration Center School, Montgomery
  • Wynton M. Blount Elementary School, Montgomery
  • Brewbaker Primary School, Montgomery
  • Brewbaker Intermediate School, Montgomery
  • G.W. Carver Elementary School, Montgomery
  • Catoma Elementary School, Montgomery
  • Chisholm Elementary School, Montgomery
  • Peter Crump Elementary School, Montgomery
  • Dalraida Elementary School, Montgomery
  • Dannelly Elementary School, Montgomery
  • Davis Elementary School, Montgomery
  • Dozier Elementary School, Montgomery
  • Fitzpatrick Elementary School, Montgomery
  • Flowers Elementary School, Montgomery
  • Forest Avenue Academic Magnet, Montgomery
  • Garrett Elementary School, Montgomery
  • Halcyon Elementary School, Montgomery
  • Highland Avenue Elementary School, Montgomery
  • Highland Gardens Elementary School, Montgomery
  • Jim W. Wilson Jr. Elementary School, Montgomery
  • MacMillan International Academy @McKee, Montgomery
  • Martin Luther King Elementary School, Montgomery
  • Morningview Elementary School, Montgomery
  • Thelma Smiley Morris Elementary School, Montgomery
  • E. D. Nixon Elementary School
  • Pintlala Elementary School, Pintlala
  • Southlawn Elementary School, Montgomery
  • Vaughn Road Elementary School, Montgomery
  • Wares Ferry Elementary School, Montgomery

Failing schools

Statewide testing ranks the schools in Alabama. Those in the bottom six percent are listed as "failing." As of early 2018, eleven local schools were included in this category:

  • Bellingrath Middle School
  • Capitol Heights Middle School
  • Carver Senior High School
  • Davis Elementary School
  • Fews Secondary Acceleration Academy
  • Highland Avenue Elementary School
  • Jefferson Davis High School
  • Lanier Senior High School
  • Lee High School
  • E.D. Nixon Elementary School
  • Park Crossing High School [6]

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