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The Mita Congregation ( Spanish: Congregación Mita) is a Christian denomination headquartered in Puerto Rico. The congregation has chapters only in the United States, Canada, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, El Salvador, Spain, and the Dominican Republic. In celebration of its 50th anniversary, Mita's Congregation opened a new house of worship in San Juan, Puerto Rico, with a seating capacity of 6,500.


The Mita Congregation believe that a woman named Mita, born Juanita García Peraza, was chosen by God like all the prophets were chosen on earth and she became the body, the living incarnation of the Holy Spirit in its third manifestation. First, as the omnipotent father in Jehovah, then in his beloved son Jesus Christ and in its third manifestation with a new name revealed Mita, name of the Holy Spirit of God.

According to their beliefs, the Holy Spirit once acted through Mita and anointed Teófilo Vargas Seín (born October 23, 1921) as the first prophet of God in what they call the new manifestation of God, the third manifestation, the Holy Trinity, the father, son and the Holy Spirit. According to the church Teófilo Vargas was renamed Aarón and before Juanita García Peraza died in 1970, she called Aarón and told him to take care of his church and he is today the spiritual leader of the Mita's Congregation. The congregation was formed in Arecibo in 1940, but in 1947 the church was relocated to Hato Rey.


The doctrine of the church is based on the original Reina-Valera Spanish translation of the Bible. They are trinitarian, believing in Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit (Mita), who they believe "is on earth, that His new name is Mita and that, through Aarón, He guides His Church and guides it through truth and justice towards salvation." [1] Aarón is considered God's prophet for today, and through him God's message of cleansing, freedom from sin, and unity is brought to the world. Mita en Aarón (Mita in Aaron) is a popular slogan of the Mita Congregation, who believe that the Holy Ghost (Mita) lives in Aaron.

The church has the biggest marching band in Puerto Rico.[ citation needed] Harps, cords and the chorus emphasize love, liberty, and unity. The church counsel is for a clean life following God's Ten Commandments. At official activities, members dress in all white as a symbol of purity and cleanliness of their redeemed souls.


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