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Midwest Christian College Conference
Members 7
Sports fielded 4 (2 men's, 2 women's)
State Iowa, Kansas, Missouri
Headquarters Joplin, MO

The Midwest Christian College Conference is a college athletic conference that is a member of the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA) and the Association of Christian College Athletics (ACCA).


School Location
Barclay College Haviland, Kansas
Calvary Bible College Kansas City, Missouri
Central Christian College of the Bible Moberly, Missouri
Emmaus Bible College Dubuque, Iowa
Faith Baptist Bible College Ankeny, Iowa
Manhattan Christian College Manhattan, Kansas
Ozark Christian College Joplin, Missouri

Former members

Sports offered

The conference offers two sports for men's competition and two sports for women's competition. Both men's and women's basketball are sponsored in addition to men's soccer and women's volleyball. [2]

Men's basketball

    Year                  Conference Champion                   Tournament Champion                   Sportsmanship Award
  1962-63                     Manhattan                             Calvary
  1963-64                     Covenant                              Manhattan
  1964-65                     Calvary                               Omaha (Faith)
  1965-66                     Calvary                               Calvary
  1966-67                     Ozark                                 Ozark                                    Omaha (Faith)
  1967-68                     Ozark                                 Grace                                    Faith
  1968-69                     Ozark                                 Ozark                                    Calvary
  1969-70                     Grace                                 Grace                                    Faith/Grace
  1970-71                     Ozark                                 Grace                                    Central/Faith
  1971-72                     Faith/Grace                           Faith                                    Faith/Grace
  1972-73                     Friends (Barclay)                     Friends (Barclay)                        Faith
  1973-74                     Faith                                 Faith                                    Friends (Barclay)
  1974-75                     Faith                                 Manhattan                                Grace
  1975-76                     Faith/Grace                           Grace                                    Faith/Grace
  1976-77                     Faith                                 Faith                                    Central
  1977-78                     Grace                                 Grace                                    Central
  1978-79                     Calvary                               Friends (Barclay)                        Friends (Barclay)
  1979-80                     Calvary                               Manhattan                                Grace
  1980-81                     Calvary                               Calvary                                  Grace
  1981-82                     Calvary                               Calvary                                  Friends (Barclay)
  1982-83                     Calvary/Grace                         Grace                                    Calvary
  1983-84                     Grace                                 Grace                                    Grace
  1984-85                     Grace                                 Grace                                    Calvary
  1985-86                     Calvary                               Calvary                                  Calvary
  1986-87                     Friends (Barclay)                     Friends (Barclay)                        Faith
  1987-88                     Calvary                               Nebraska                                 Calvary
  1988-89                     Calvary                               Calvary                                  Grace
  1989-90                     Calvary                               Calvary                                  Grace
  1990-91                     Calvary                               Grace                                    Calvary
  1991-92                     Grace                                 Calvary                                  Grace
  1992-93                     Grace                                 Grace                                    Grace                                
  1993-94                     Grace                                 Grace                                    Grace 
  1994-95                     Grace/Nebraska                        Grace                                    Nebraska
  1995-96                     Nebraska                              Nebraska                                 Nebraska 
  1996-97                     Nebraska                              Manhattan                                Central
  1997-98                     Grace                                 Faith                                    Manhattan/Nebraska
  1998-99                     Manhattan                             Manhattan                                Grace
  1999-00                     Grace                                 Ozark                                    Ozark
  2000-01                     Manhattan/Ozark                       Ozark                                    Grace
  2001-02                     Manhattan                             Manhattan                                Grace/Ozark
  2002-03                     Manhattan                             Manhattan                                Grace
  2003-04                     Manhattan/Grace                       Grace                                    Grace
  2004-05                     Grace                                 Grace                                    Grace
  2005-06                     Manhattan/Ozark                       Grace                                    Vennard
  2006-07                     Grace/Manhattan                       Grace                                    Ozark
  2007-08                     Grace/Manhattan                       Manhattan                                Calvary
  2008-09                     Manhattan                             Manhattan                                Ozark
  2009-10                     Manhattan                             no tournament                            Calvary
  2010-11                     Ozark/Barclay/Manhattan               no tournament                            Manhattan
  2011-12                     Manhattan                             no tournament                            Ozark
  2012-13                     Manhattan                             Ozark                                    Ozark
  2013-14                     Manhattan                             Manhattan                                Faith
  2014-15                     Faith                                 Faith                                    Ozark/Faith
  2015-16                     Barclay                               Manhattan                                Faith
  2016-17                     Manhattan                             Manhattan                                Ozark
 1964-65     Rathburn       Omaha (Faith)
             Collins        Omaha (Faith)
             Dewald         Calvary
             Person         Calvary
             Kidd           Manhattan
             Pemberton      Calvary
 1965-66     Lowe   MVP     Calvary
             Hyllberg       Central Bible
             Rathburn       Omaha (Faith)
             Edwards        Manhattan
             Bauerfeld      Calvary
             Stein          Central Christian
 1966-67     Stein   MVP    Central Christian
             Edwards        Manhattan
             Pemberton      Calvary
             Robinson       Ozark
             McPeck         Ozark
 `968-69    Ensz   CO-MVP   Grace
            Sharp  CO-MVP   Ozark
 1969-70    VanDeusen  MVP  Manhattan
            Sharp           Ozark
            Ensz            Grace
            Wilson          Manhattan
            Reimer          Grace
 1970-71    Sharp  MVP      Ozark
            Stauffer        Ozark
            Thompson        Faith
            Wiebe           Grace
            Reimer          Grace
 1971-72   Reimer   MVP     Grace
           Farlow           Faith
           Thompson         Faith
           Hardee           Calvary
           Pratt            Manhattan
 1972-73   Farlow   MVP     Faith
           Theolbald        Manhattan
           Westby           Grace
           Nickel           Grace
 1973-74   Nickel     MVP   Grace
           Smith            Friends (Barclay)
           Lanzen           Faith
           Tucker           Friends (Barclay)
           Westby           Grace
 1974-75   Nickel    MVP    Grace
           Theobald         Manhattan
           Lanzen           Faith
           Boswell          Friends (Barclay)
           Mallette         Central Christian
 1975-76   Theobald   MVP   Manhattan
           Wiens            Grace
           Townsend         Faith
           Lanzen           Faith
           Harder           Grace
 1977-78   Lahm    MVP      Nebraska
           Wymer            Faith
           Sprouls          Manhattan
           Guhr             Grace
           Talyor           Manhattan 
 1978-79   Bohall   MVP     Nebraska
           Wymer            Faith  
           Powers           Friends (Barclay)
           Nolen            Friends (Barclay)
           Schneeberger     Calvary
 1979-80   Schneeberger MVP Calvary
           Lahm             Nebraska
           Jefferson        Faith
           S. Dick          Grace
           Entz             Grace
 1980-81   Schneeberger MVP Calvary
           Burton           Central
           Boettcher        Friends (Barclay)
           Ferneau          Central
           Sailer           Calvary
 1981-82   Burton    MVP    Central
           Schneeberger     Calvary
           Painter          Calvary
           Ferneau          Central
           Sperling         Grace
 1982-83   Dalton   MVP     Calvary
           Rucker           Central
           Thiessen         Grace
           Thompson         Faith
           Helten           Faith
 `983-84   Nachtigal  MVP   Grace
           Chitwood         Nebraska
           White            Friends (Barclay)
           Wagner           Grace
           Thompson         Faith
 1984-85   Christenson MVP  Friends (Barclay)
           Nachtigal        Grace
           Davis            Friends (Barclay)
           Wagner           Grace
           Spicer           Calvary
 1985-86   Wagner    MVP    Grace
           Davis            Friends (Barclay)
           Justice          Nebraska
           Betz             Faith'
           Smith            Calvary
 1986-87   Dixon   CO-MVP   Calvary
           Christenson CO-MVP Friends (Barclay)
           Betz              Faith
           Classen           Grace
           Davis             Friends (Barclay)
           Justice           Nebraska
 1987-88   Dixon     MVP     Calvary
           Davis             Friends (Barclay)
           Classen           Grace
           Ballard           Faith
           Miratsky          Grace
 1988-89   Classen  CO-MVP   Grace
           Ballard  CO-MVP   Faith
           Loewer            Calvary
           Ballard           Nebraska
           Miratsky          Grace
 1989-90   Classen   MVP     Grace
           Loewer            Calvary
           Kissack           Nebraska
           Steelman          Manhattan
           Roher             Friends (Barclay)
           Miratsky          Grace
 1990-91   Roher    MVP      Friends (Barclay)
           Millermon         Calvary
           Loewer            Calvary
           Ridpath           Nebraska
           Steelman          Manhattan
 1991-92   Kissack   MVP     Nebraska
           Loewer            Calvary
           Widman            Grace
           Smith             Grace
           Liebenthal        Grace
 1992-93   Smith     MVP     Grace
           Renner            Manhattan
           Liebenthal        Grace
           Widman            Grace
           Head              Calvary
 1993-94   Liebenthal  MVP   Grace
           Eubanks           Manhattan
           Evans             Nebraska
           Terpstra          Faith
 1994-95   Isaacs     MVP    Manhattan
           Evans             Nebraska

a Beckenhauer Nebraska

           Nanniga           Grace
           Terpstra          Faith
 1995-96   Beckenhauer  MVP  Nebraska
           Isaacs            Manhattan
           Bazil             Manhattan
           Mattox            Grace
           Terpstra          Faith
 1996-97   Bazil     MVP     Manhattan
           Olsen             Nebraska
           Wilson            Grace
           Beckenhauer       Nebraska
           Terpstra          Faith
 1997-98   Wilson   CO-MVP   Grace
           Olsen    CO-MVP   Nebraska
           Easley            Central
           Schmidt           Grace
           Van Donge         Manhattan
 1998-99   Olsen    MVP      Nebraska
           Wilson            Grace
           VAn Donge         Manhattan
           Hahn              Manhattan
           Schmidt           Grace
 1999-00   Tarlton   MVP     Ozark
           Hahn              Manhattan
           Jordon            Grace
           Renfro            Nebraska
           Bredeholf         Nebraska
 2000-01   Jordon     MVP    Grace
           Martens           Manhattan
           Turner            Ozark
           Courter           Manhattan
           Bates             Manhattan
           Busenitz          Calvary
 2001-02   Martens    MVP    Manhattan
           Jordon            Grace
           Kluttz            Manhattan
           Aderson           Ozark
           Stoker            Nebraska


  Year                     Conference Champion                  Tournament Champion
  1977                                                                Faith
  1978                                                                Faith
  1979                                                                Friends (Barclay)
  1980                                                                Grace
  1981                                                                Friends (Barclay)
  1982                                                                Calvary
  1983                                                                Grace
  1984                        Faith                                   Faith
  1985                        Grace                                   Grace
  1986                        Grace                                   Grace
  1987                        Faith                                   Faith
  1988                        Calvary/Grace                           Calvary
  1989                        Calvary                                 Calvary
  1990                        Calvary                                 Calvary
  1991                        Calvary/Manhattan                       Calvary
  1992                        Faith                                   Manhattan
  1993                        Manhattan                               Manhattan
  1994                        Faith                                   Faith
  1995                        Faith                                   Faith
  1996                        Faith                                   Faith
  1997                        Grace                                   Faith
  1998                        Faith                                   Faith
  1999                        Manhattan                               Manhattan
  2000                        Ozark                                   Ozark
  2001                        Ozark                                   Grace
  2002                        Nebraska                                Nebraska
  2003                        Nebraska/Ozark                          Ozark
  2004                        Grace                                   Ozark
  2005                        Grace                                   Grace
  2006                        Grace                                   Grace
  2007                        Grace                                   Grace
  2008                        Manhattan                               Manhattan
  2009                        Manhattan                               no tournament
  2010                        Ozark                                   no tournament
  2011                        Ozark                                   no tournament
  2012                        Manhattan                               Manhattan
  2013                        Manhattan                               Manhattan
  2014                        Ozark                                   Ozark
  2015                        Manhattan                               Manhattan
  2016                        Manhattan                               Ozark
  2017                        Emmaus                                  Emmaus
  2018                        Emmaus                                  Emmaus

Women's basketball

  Year                   Conference Champion                  Tournament Champion
  1989                         Calvary
  1990                         Calvary/Faith
  1991                         Faith
  1992                         Grace                                
  1993                         Grace                                  Grace
  1994                         Grace                                  Grace
  1995                         Grace                                  Calvary
  1996                         Grace                                  Grace
  1997                         Faith                                  Faith
  1998                         Faith                                  Grace
  1999                         Faith                                  Nebraska
  2000                         Manhattan                              Ozark
  2001                         Ozark                                  Grace
  2002                         Ozark                                  Manhattan
  2003                         Manhattan                              Ozark
  2004                         Manhattan                              Ozark
  2005                         Manhattan                              Manhattan
  2006                         Manhattan                              Manhattan
  2007                         Manhattan                              Ozark
  2008                         Ozark                                  Ozark
  2009                         Manhattan                              Manhattan
  2010                         Manhattan                              no tournament
  2011                         Manhattan                              no tournament
  2012                         Central                                no tournament
  2013                         Manhattan                              Manhattan
  2014                         Manhattan                              Manhattan
  2015                         Central                                Central
  2016                         Emmaus                                 Emmaus
  2017                         Emmaus                                 Emmaus
  2018                         Manhattan                              Manhattan
  2019                         Emmaus                                 Emmaus

Men's soccer

  Year                     Conference Champion                  Tournament Champion
  1990                         Manhattan                             Calvary
  1991                         Manhattan                             Manhattan
  1992                         Manhattan                             Manhattan
  1993                         Manhattan                             Calvary
  1994                         Manhattan                             Manhattan
  1995                         Faith/Manhattan                       Manhattan
  1996                         Faith/Manhattan                       Manhattan
  1997                         Barclay                               Barclay
  1998                         Manhattan                             Manhattan'
  1999                         Manhattan                             Barclay/Manhattan
  2000                         Manhattan                             Barclay
  2001                         Ozark                                 Manhattan
  2002                         Grace                                 Manhattan
  2003                         Manhattan                             Manhattan
  2008                        Manhattan                              Manhattan
  2009                        Manhattan                              no tournament
  2010                        Manhattan                              no tournament
  2011                        Manhattan                              no tournament
  2012                        Manhattan                              no tournament
  2013                        Barclay/Manhattan/Ozark                Manhattan
  2014                        Barclay                                Barclay
  2015                        Ozark                                  Manhattan
  2016                        Ozark                                  Ozark
  2017                        Manhattan                              Manhattan
  2018                        Emmaus                                 Emmaus


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