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Massachusetts gubernatorial election, 1958

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  Foster Furcolo, 60th Governor of Massachusetts.jpg No image.svg
Nominee Foster Furcolo Charles Gibbons
Party Democratic Republican
Popular vote 1,067,020 818,463
Percentage 56.19% 43.10%

Governor before election

Foster Furcolo

Elected Governor

Foster Furcolo

The 1958 Massachusetts gubernatorial election was held on November 4, 1958. Democrat Foster Furcolo was elected Governor of Massachusetts for a second term, defeating Republican Charles Gibbons, Socialist Labor candidate Henning A. Blomen, and Prohibition candidate Guy S. Williams.

In the race for Lieutenant Governor, Democrat Robert F. Murphy, defeated Republican Elmer C. Nelson, Prohibition candidate Harold E. Bassett, and Socialist Labor candidate Francis A. Votano.


Incumbent Governor Foster Furcolo ran unopposed for the Democratic nomination and Attorney General George Fingold was unopposed in the Republican primary.

On August 31, 1958, Fingold died unexpectedly at his home in Concord, Massachusetts. [1] As his death occurred only nine days before the primary, Fingold was the only candidate for Governor on the Republican ballot. Former Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives Charles Gibbons, former State Public Works Commissioner John A. Volpe, and Assistant Attorney General Joseph P. McKay ran as write-in candidates. [2]

Robert F. Murphy and Elmer C. Nelson ran unopposed for the Democratic and Republican nominations for Lt. Governor, respectively.


Massachusetts Republican gubernatorial primary, 1958 [3]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Republican Charles Gibbons (Write-in) 158,944 84.32%
Republican George Fingold (Deceased) 23,031 12.22%
Republican John A. Volpe (Write-in) 3,703 1.96%
Republican Joseph P. McKay (Write-in) 1,751 0.93%

General election


Massachusetts gubernatorial election, 1958
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Democratic Foster Furcolo 1,067,020 56.19%
Republican Charles Gibbons 818,463 43.10%
Socialist Labor Henning A. Blomen 7,871 0.42%
Prohibition Guy S. Williams 5,745 0.30%

Lieutenant Governor

Massachusetts gubernatorial election, 1958
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Democratic Robert F. Murphy 1,112,001 60.34%
Republican Elmer C. Nelson 711,362 38.60%
Socialist Labor Francis A. Votano 11,230 0.61%
Prohibition Harold E. Bassett 8,300 0.45%


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