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State Route 6 marker

State Route 6
Route of SR 6 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by MaineDOT
Length207.23 mi [1] (333.50 km)
Major junctions
West end Route 173 near Saint-Théophile, QC ( Armstrong-Jackman Border Crossing)
East end Route 4 near McAdam, NB ( Saint Croix – Vanceboro Bridge)
Counties Somerset, Piscataquis, Penobscot, Washington
Highway system
SR 5 SR 7

State Route 6 (SR 6) is part of Maine's system of numbered state highways, running from west to east across the state. Its western terminus is at the Canada–United States border near Sandy Bay (a terminus it shares with U.S. Route 201), where it connects to Quebec Route 173. Its eastern terminus is at the Canada-US border in Vanceboro, where it connects to New Brunswick Route 4. SR 6 is the only highway in Maine to terminate at the Canadian border at both ends. With a length of 207.23 miles (333.50 km), it is the third-longest state highway in Maine. Much of SR 6 runs through isolated parts of the state.

More than two-thirds of the length of SR 6 is concurrent with other highways. The only section of SR 6 not concurrent with another route is from its junction with US 2 in Lincoln east to the New Brunswick border, a distance of 61.87 miles (99.57 km). Except for this section, locals generally refer to the roads by their other numbers.[ citation needed]


The SR 6 designation was first applied in 1937-8 on a short route in Old Orchard Beach which became part of SR 98 in 1946. In 1949, the number was applied to the modern routing between Lincoln and the New Brunswick border. In 1965, SR 6 was extended west to its modern terminus at the Quebec border by overlapping it entirely with existing highways. This remains its routing today. [2]

Junction list

CountyLocation [1]mi [1]kmDestinationsNotes
Somerset Sandy Bay0.000.00 Route 173 north – Quebec PQContinuation beyond Armstrong–Jackman Border Crossing into Québec
US 201 beginsWestern end of concurrency with US 201; northern terminus of US 201
Jackman16.4126.41 US 201 south – The Forks, Skowhegan, Bingham
SR 15 begins
Eastern end of concurrency with US 201; western end of concurrency with SR 15; northern terminus of SR 15
Piscataquis Abbot86.11138.58 SR 16 west (West Road) – Bingham, MayfieldWestern end of concurrency with SR 16
Guilford89.91144.70 SR 150 south (South Main Street) – SkowheganWestern end of concurrency with SR 150
90.28145.29 SR 150 northEastern end of concurrency with SR 150
91.28146.90 SR 23 – Dexter, NewportNorthern terminus of SR 23
Dover-Foxcroft97.94157.62 SR 15 south to SR 7 – Bangor, DexterEastern end of concurrency with SR 15
98.02157.75 SR 153 (North Street) – Peaks-Kenny State ParkSouthern terminus of SR 153
Milo111.13178.85 SR 11 north (Main Street) – BrownvilleWestern end of concurrency with SR 11
113.37182.45 SR 11 south (Lyford Road) – East CorinthEastern end of concurrency with SR 11
Penobscot Lagrange121.00194.73 SR 155 south (Mill Street) – Bradford
SR 16 east (Bennoch Road) – Orono
Eastern end of concurrency with SR 16; western end of concurrency with SR 155
I‑95 – Bangor, Medway, HoultonExit 217 on I-95
132.75213.64 SR 116 south (Argyle Road) – Argyle, Old TownWestern end of concurrency with SR 116
Enfield133.35214.61 US 2 west (Main Road) – Passadumkeag
SR 155 north (Hammett Road) – Enfield
Eastern end of concurrency with SR 155; western end of concurrency with US 2
Lincoln143.56231.04 SR 116 north (River Road) to I‑95Eastern end of concurrency with SR 116
145.15233.60 SR 155 – EnfieldNorthern terminus of SR 155
145.36233.93 US 2 east – Mattawamkeag, WinnEastern end of concurrency with US 2
Lee156.92252.54 SR 168 (Winn Road) – WinnSouthern terminus of SR 168
Springfield165.00265.54 SR 169 / SR 170 (Park Street) – PrentissSouthern terminus of SR 169 / SR 170
Washington Topsfield185.81299.03 US 1 – Calais, Danforth
Vanceboro207.23333.50 Route 4 – St. Croix, McAdamContinuation beyond Vanceboro - St. Croix Border Crossing on the Saint Croix–Vanceboro Bridge over St. Croix River into New Brunswick
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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