Little River (Big River tributary) Information (Geography)

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LITTLE RIVER (BIG RIVER) Latitude and Longitude:

43°19′44″N 71°14′02″W / 43.3290°N 71.2340°W / 43.3290; -71.2340

The Little River at Route 126 in Strafford, NH

The Little River is a 4.9-mile-long (7.9 km) [1] river located in central New Hampshire in the United States. Its outflow travels via the Big River, Suncook River, and Merrimack River to the Gulf of Maine, an arm of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Little River drains the west side of the Blue Hills Range in Strafford, New Hampshire. It begins at the outlet of the Willey Ponds and flows northwest, joining the Big River just north of the village of South Barnstead.

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