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The literature of Louisiana, United States, includes fiction, poetry, and nonfiction. Representative authors include Ernest Gaines and Anne Rice. [1]


A printing press began operating in New Orleans in 1764. [2]

The French-language newspapers Courrier de la Louisiane (1807-1860) and L’Abeille de la Nouvelle-Orléans (1827-1923) published "literary material." [3]

The francophone Athénée Louisianais formed in 1876. Lafcadio Hearn's La Cuisine Creole, a cookbook, was published in New Orleans in 1885. [4]

In the late 19th century Kate Chopin (1851–1904), Grace King (1852–1932), and Alice Dunbar Nelson (1875–1935) wrote about Louisiana Creole people. [5]

In 1935 Robert Penn Warren launched The Southern Review, based in Baton Rouge.

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