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This is a complete list of school divisions in the U.S. state of Virginia.

About school divisions

Virginia's public K-12 schools are neither operated directly by the state government nor by special districts. Instead, most are organized as political subdivisions known as "school divisions" which are similar to school districts in some other states.

Each public school division is associated with one or more of the counties, independent cities and incorporated towns in Virginia, with major portions of their funding (and in many instances other services) provided through those local entities.

Each school division is overseen by a school board, whose members are either appointed by the elected officials of the participating local entities or by public elections. A Superintendent of Schools (Division Superintendent) is customarily the highest-ranking employee of a school division.

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All listings are for city or county school divisions, except:

Note also that the Fairfax County Public Schools, part of the government of Fairfax County, also serve the City of Fairfax under a contract between the city and county.

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