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This is a partial list of canyons in the U.S. state of Utah along with any rivers, roads, and other features (such as rail lines) that pass through them.

Name County River Road Other
American Fork Canyon Utah American Fork SR-92, SR-144
Argyle Canyon Duchesne Argyle Creek Argyle Canyon Road
Beaver Canyon
(Beaver County)
Beaver Beaver River SR-153
Beaver Canyon
(Weber County)
Weber Beaver Creek SR-39
Big Cottonwood Canyon Salt Lake Big Cottonwood Creek SR-152
Bingham Canyon Salt Lake Bingham Creek SR-209 Savage Bingham and Garfield Railroad (ex- D&RGW)
Blue John Canyon Wayne site of Aron Ralston's accident
Box Elder Canyon Box Elder Box Elder Creek US-91
Butterfield Canyon Salt Lake Butterfield Creek Butterfield Canyon Road
Cataract Canyon Garfield, San Juan, Wayne Colorado River
Cedar Canyon Iron Coal Creek, Crow Creek SR-14
Circleville Canyon Garfield Sevier River US-89 Old Spanish Trail
City Creek Salt Lake City Creek City Creek Canyon Road
Corner Canyon Salt Lake Corner Canyon Road unconstructed SR-71 (1931-1935)
Cottonwood Canyon Kane Cottonwood Creek Cottonwood Canyon Road
Coyote Gulch Garfield, Kane Hole in the Rock Trail
Crystal Canyon Juab Unnamed intermittent stream
Daniels Canyon Wasatch Daniels Creek US-40
Death Hollow Garfield Mamie Creek
Desolation Canyon Carbon, Emery, Grand, Uintah Green River
East Canyon Morgan, Summit East Canyon Creek SR-65, SR-66, Jeremy Ranch Road Mormon Trail
East Canyon San Juan East Canyon Wash East Canyon Road Old Spanish Trail
Eccles Canyon Carbon SR-264
Echo Canyon Summit Echo Creek I-80 Mormon Trail
Emigration Canyon Salt Lake Emigration Creek Emigration Canyon Road Mormon Trail
Escalante Canyons Garfield, Kane Escalante River SR-12 Hole in the Rock Trail
Fairview Canyon Sanpete Cottonwood Creek SR-31
Flaming Gorge Daggett Green River
Flat Canyon Sanpete SR-264
Gate Canyon Duchesne Nine Mile Canyon Road
Glen Canyon Garfield, Kane, San Juan Colorado River
Grandstaff Canyon Grand tributary of Colorado River SR-128 name officially changed from Negro Bill Canyon in 2017
Gray Canyon Emery, Grand Green River
Harker Canyon Tooele Harker Creek Harker Road
Harkers Canyon Salt Lake
Hideout Canyon Daggett Green River
Hobble Creek Canyon Utah Hobble Creek Hobble Creek Road
Holt Canyon Washington Meadow Canyon Road Old Spanish Trail
Homansville Canyon Utah US-6
Horse Canyon
(Garfield County)
Horse Canyon (Grand County, Utah)
(Grand County)
Horseshoe Canyon
(Emery & Wayne counties)
Emery, Wayne Barrier Creek
Horseshoe Canyon
(Daggett County)
Daggett Green River
Indian Canyon Duchesne US-191
Johnson Canyon Kane Johnson Wash Johnson Canyon Road
Kingfisher Canyon Daggett Green River
Kings Meadow Canyon Sevier Peterson Creek SR-24
Kingston Canyon Piute East Fork Sevier River SR-62
Labyrinth Canyon Emery, Grand, San Juan, Wayne Green River
Lambs Canyon Salt Lake Lambs Canyon Road
Little Cottonwood Canyon Salt Lake Little Cottonwood Creek SR-210
Little Death Hollow Garfield
Little Emigration Canyon Morgan Mormon Trail
Little Grand Canyon Emery San Rafael River
Logan Canyon Cache Logan River US-89
Maple Canyon
(Sanpete County)
Maple Canyon
(Utah County)
Utah Maple Canyon Road
Marysvale Canyon Piute, Sevier Sevier River US-89 former D&RGW Marysvale Branch
Middle Canyon Iron Bear Creek Bear Valley Road (old SR-20) Old Spanish Trail
Middle Canyon Tooele Middle Canyon Road
Millcreek Canyon Salt Lake Mill Creek Millcreek Canyon Road
Mount Aire Canyon Salt Lake Mount Aire Canyon Road
Narrow Canyon Garfield, San Juan Colorado River
The Narrows Washington North Fork Virgin River
Nine Mile Canyon Carbon, Duchesne Nine Mile Creek Nine Mile Canyon Road
Ogden Canyon Weber Ogden River SR-39
Ontario Canyon Summit SR-224
Overland Canyon Tooele Central Overland Trail
Parley's Canyon Salt Lake Parley's Creek I-80
Parowan Canyon Iron Parowan Creek SR-143
Parunuweap Canyon Kane, Washington East Fork Virgin River
Payson Canyon Utah Peteetneet Creek Nebo Loop Scenic Byway
Pony Express Canyon Tooele Central Overland Trail
Price Canyon Carbon, Utah Price River US-6 Union Pacific Railroad Provo Subdivision (ex- D&RGW)
Provo Canyon Utah, Wasatch Provo River US-189 Heber Valley Historic Railroad (ex- D&RGW)
Red Canyon
(Daggett County)
Daggett Green River
Red Canyon
(Garfield County)
Garfield fork of the Sevier River SR-12
Red Butte Canyon Salt Lake Red Butte Creek Red Butte Canyon Road
Rock Canyon Utah Rock Canyon Trail
Ruby Canyon Grand Colorado River UP Green River Subdivision (ex- D&RGW)
Salina Canyon Sevier Salina Creek I-70 Old Spanish Trail
Salt Creek Canyon Juab Salt Creek SR-132
Sevenmile Canyon San Juan SR-313
Snow Canyon Washington
Soldier Canyon
(Carbon County)
Carbon Soldier Creek Nine Mile Canyon Road
Soldier Canyon
(Sevier County)
Sevier Old Spanish Trail
South Fork Canyon Weber South Fork Ogden River SR-39
Spanish Fork Canyon Utah Spanish Fork River, Soldier Creek US-6 UP Provo Subdivision (ex- D&RGW)
Split Mountain Canyon Uintah Green River
Stillwater Canyon San Juan, Wayne Green River
Swallow Canyon Daggett Green River
Weber Canyon Davis, Morgan, Weber Weber River I-84
Wellsville Canyon Cache US-89, US-91
Westwater Canyon Grand Colorado River
Whirlpool Canyon Uintah Green River
White Canyon San Juan SR-95 (on the rim)
Willow Creek Canyon Carbon Willow Creek US-191
Wolverine Canyon Garfield Wolverine Creek
Zion Canyon Washington North Fork Virgin River Floor of the Valley Road

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