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This is a List of National Historic Landmarks in Delaware. There are 14 National Historic Landmarks (NHLs) in Delaware.


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They are distributed over the three counties of Delaware. Following is a complete list:

[1] Landmark name Image Date designated [2] Location County Description
1 Aspendale
1982 HABS photo
April 15, 1970
( #70000170)
39°13′18″N 75°41′09″W / 39.221667°N 75.685833°W / 39.221667; -75.685833 (Aspendale)
Kent House and small plantation, intact from 1771.
2 Jacob Broom House
Jacob Broom House
December 2, 1974
( #74000602)
39°46′55″N 75°34′34″W / 39.781950°N 75.575997°W / 39.781950; -75.575997 (Jacob Broom House)
New Castle Home of constitutional convention delegate Jacob Broom, this historic house is near Brandywine Creek. It is privately owned, near the Hagley Museum and Library.
3 Corbit-Sharp House
Corbit-Sharp House
December 24, 1967
( #67000004)
39°27′15″N 75°39′24″W / 39.454167°N 75.656667°W / 39.454167; -75.656667 (Corbit-Sharp House)
New Castle House built in 1772 exemplifying influence of late Georgian architecture from Philadelphia into surrounding regions.
4 John Dickinson House
1982 HABS photo
January 20, 1961
( #66000258)
39°06′10″N 75°26′58″W / 39.102778°N 75.449444°W / 39.102778; -75.449444 (John Dickinson House)
Kent Delaware home where John Dickinson wrote Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania analyzing economic difficulties of colonial America, before the American Revolutionary War
5 Eleutherian Mills
Unrestored mill on the Brandywine
November 13, 1966
( #66000259)
39°46′50″N 75°34′30″W / 39.780556°N 75.575°W / 39.780556; -75.575 (Eleutherian Mills)
New Castle Gunpowder mills along Brandywine Creek founded by Eleuthère Irénée du Pont in 1802. It is part of the Hagley Museum.
6 Fort Christina
Monument at the fort site
November 5, 1961
( #66000260)
39°44′07″N 75°32′18″W / 39.735234°N 75.538461°W / 39.735234; -75.538461 (Fort Christina)
New Castle This was the first and principal settlement of the New Sweden colony.
7 Holy Trinity (Old Swedes) Church
Holy Trinity Church
November 5, 1961
( #66000261)
39°44′21″N 75°32′28″W / 39.739135°N 75.541174°W / 39.739135; -75.541174 (Holy Trinity (Old Swedes) Church)
New Castle The oldest surviving church from New Sweden, it hosted services in Swedish from 1698 well into the 1800s.
8 Howard High School
Entrance to the school
April 5, 2005
( #85000309)
39°44′48″N 75°32′30″W / 39.746556°N 75.541556°W / 39.746556; -75.541556 (Howard High School)
New Castle An all African American high school, this school was subject of Gebhart v. Belton, a desegregation case that was combined with others in the landmark Brown vs. Board of Education decision by the United States Supreme Court.
9 Lightship LV-118 (Overfalls)
Lightship LV-118 (Overfalls)
June 14, 2011
( #89000006)
38°46′41″N 75°08′28″W / 38.777917°N 75.141111°W / 38.777917; -75.141111 (Lightship LV-118 (Overfalls))
Sussex Unique lightship was one of few to remain in service during World War II
10 Lombardy Hall
Lombardy Hall
December 2, 1974
( #72000292)
Fairfax, Brandywine Hundred
39°46′53″N 75°32′43″W / 39.781485°N 75.545325°W / 39.781485; -75.545325 (Lombardy Hall)
New Castle Home of Gunning Bedford, Jr., a delegate to constitutional convention and signer of the U.S. Constitution.
11 New Castle Court House
New Castle Court House
November 28, 1972
( #72000285)
New Castle
39°39′28″N 75°33′49″W / 39.657878°N 75.563680°W / 39.657878; -75.563680 (New Castle Court House)
New Castle Hosted Delaware's colonial assembly from 1704-1777.
12 New Castle Historic District
1936 HABS photo
December 24, 1967
( #67000003)
New Castle
39°39′38″N 75°33′48″W / 39.660512°N 75.563312°W / 39.660512; -75.563312 (New Castle Historic District)
New Castle Capital of Delaware colony from 1651 to 1761, having well preserved architecture.
13 George Read II House
George Read II House
December 23, 2016
( #100000872)
New Castle
39°39′35″N 75°33′41″W / 39.659607°N 75.561468°W / 39.659607; -75.561468 (George Read II House)
New Castle
14 Stonum
1982 HABS photo
November 7, 1973
( #73000524)
New Castle
39°39′37″N 75°34′34″W / 39.660222°N 75.576026°W / 39.660222; -75.576026 (Stonum)
New Castle Home of George Read, signer of the Declaration of Independence

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  1. ^ Numbers represent an ordering by significant words. Various colorings, defined here, differentiate National Historic Landmarks and historic districts from other NRHP buildings, structures, sites or objects.
  2. ^ The eight-digit number below each date is the number assigned to each location in the National Register Information System database, which can be viewed by clicking the number.

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