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This list of Michigan rivers includes all streams designated rivers although some may be smaller than those streams designated creeks, runs, brooks, swales, cuts, bayous, outlets, inlets, drains and ditches. These terms are all in use in Michigan. Other waterways are listed when they have articles.

The state has over 300 named rivers. Several names are shared by different rivers; for example, there are eight Pine Rivers and seven Black Rivers. In four cases there are two rivers of the same name in one county. In these cases extra information such as alternate name or body of water they flow into has been added.

Map of Michigan rivers
Tahquamenon River

In alphabetical order






By watershed

Lake Erie basin

Detroit River

Lake St. Clair basin

Clinton River

Lake Huron basin

The Thumb

Saginaw Bay

Shiawassee River

Northeast Lower Peninsula of Michigan

Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Lake Michigan basin

Lower Peninsula of Michigan

Northern Michigan
Pere Marquette River
West Michigan
Grand River

Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Green Bay
Little Bay de Noc
Big Bay de Noc
Remainder of Lake Michigan/Upper Peninsula

Beaver Island

Lake Superior basin

Yellow Dog River
Ontonagon River

Isle Royale

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