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Libertarian Party of Maine
ChairpersonClark Phinney
Senate leaderNone
House leaderNone
Ideology Libertarianism
National affiliation Libertarian Party (United States)
Colorsa shade of Blue; Yellow

The Libertarian Party of Maine (LPME) is the Maine affiliate of the Libertarian Party.

The LPME was granted status as an affiliate of the Libertarian party in 1975 and ran its first candidate for elective office in municipal elections in Portland, Maine in 1979. The LPME has had a repeating cycle of activity and hiatus since its founding. As of the 2012 election cycle, it is active with a fully constituted State committee, securing the placement of 2012 Libertarian Party Presidential Nominee Gary Johnson onto the Maine general election ballot for the 2012 election and the endorsement of Andrew Ian Dodge the United States Senate election in Maine, 2012.

In 2015, the LPME sought to become a ballot-qualified political party by registering 5,000 or more voters into the party by December of that year. The party submitted over 6,400 registration forms to the Secretary of State. However, approximately 2,000 were found to be invalid. [1] The party sued and, in May 2016, a judge in U.S. District Court allowed the Libertarian Party to register more voters into the party to obtain the 5,000 registrant minimum needed to receive a spot on the 2016 ballot for their presidential nominee. [2] It was announced that they met the threshold on July 13, 2016, allowing their candidates to appear on the ballot. To maintain their status, they will need 10,000 registered Libertarians to vote in November. [3]

In November 2016, Libertarian Party (United States) Presidential candidate Gary Johnson received at least 5% of the state presidential votes. This gave the LPME official party status in the state of Maine, becoming the 4th recognized party by the state.

On 8 September 2017, Androscoggin County commissioner Zakk Maher became the LPME's first elected official when he defected from the Maine Republican Party. [4]

LPME executive committee

  • Chairman: Clark Phinney
  • Vice Chairman: Vacant
  • Treasurer: Shawn Levasseur
  • Secretary: Dawn Madore-Bourgoin
  • At-Large Rep.: Dean W. Staples
  • 1st Dist. Rep.: Jorge Maderal
  • 2nd Dist. Rep.: Laurie McRobbie Scott


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