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Lenox Crater is a cinder cone located in the San Francisco Volcanic Field in Coconino County, Arizona, an area known for volcanic activity. [1] [2] The volcano erupted approximately 1,000 years ago, filling a small depression with ash and volcanic cinders. The lava flow from the eruption flowed near the base of Sunset Crater. The elevation of the highest point on the rim of Lenox Crater is 7,243 ft (2208 m), with a topographical prominence of 181 ft (55 m). A small trail leads to the top, giving great views of Sunset Crater and the surrounding mountains. [3] [4]



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LENOX CRATER Latitude and Longitude:

35°21′37″N 111°31′48″W / 35.3603°N 111.5299°W / 35.3603; -111.5299