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Lake Whitney
Lake Whitney, Whitneyville CT.jpg
Lake Whitney
Location Hamden, Connecticut
Coordinates 41°21′07″N 72°54′40″W / 41.352°N 72.911°W / 41.352; -72.911
LAKE WHITNEY (CONNECTICUT) Latitude and Longitude:

41°21′07″N 72°54′40″W / 41.352°N 72.911°W / 41.352; -72.911
Basin countries United States

Lake Whitney is a lake in Hamden, Connecticut [1], that is a part of the Mill River. The lake was a water source for the New Haven, Connecticut, metro area, until it was discontinued in the early 1990s. Now with a new water treatment facility rated for up to 15 million gallons per day, Lake Whitney has been reconnected as a reserve water source for the South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority. This act has caused a lot of controversy in the area[ citation needed] mainly because of residents' concerns about the water flow over the waterfall into the Mill River. Because of this, the regional water authority has agreed to extract only enough water to satisfy the need and change these levels depending upon the season. They also agreed to install a pump to ensure the flow of water over the dam at all times and are currently building a fish ladder to allow fish to swim upriver.


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