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Meat lörtsy.jpg
A meat lörtsy
CourseAppetizer, main, dessert (jam version)
Place of origin Finland
Region or state Southern Savonia
Serving temperatureHot
VariationsMultiple, most common are meat and rice or apple jam.

Lörtsy is a thin, half-moon shaped pastry originally invented in Savonlinna, eastern Finland. It can be made with a variety of fillings; the most common ones are either a savoury meat filling or a sweet apple filling. [1]

A meat lörtsy contains a meat and rice filling similar to the Finnish meat pie. Street vendors may offer it with the same condiments as the meat pie, such as a pickled cucumber and chopped raw onion, and with an optional hot dog sausage. When served with condiments on the street, it is folded around them like a taco.

The apple lörtsy contains a sweet apple jam, and resembles a jam doughnut.

The lörtsy is associated with eastern Finland, particularly the region around Savonlinna, but nowadays can be found all over Finland from street vendors and in some supermarkets.

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