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Kevin Honeycutt
Occupation Author, Educator, Keynote Speaker
Nationality American
Alma mater Ottawa University
Genre Educator, Author, Teacher, Blogger

Kevin Honeycutt is the creator of "Artsnacks" learning community, [1] [2] and is an international keynote speaker on technology, education and cyber-bullying prevention. [3] Kevin is the creator of the My Safe Surf network, an online safety, anti-bullying and cyber-bullying curriculum that he shares with schools and teachers around the world. [4] After working as an Art Teacher in the Inman, Kansas school district for thirteen years, in 2004, Kevin was hired as a Technology Integration Specialist at ESSDACK, an educational service center in Hutchinson, KS. In 2011, Kevin was selected as an Apple Distinguished Educator for his work in the field of Education. [5]

Published works


  • Feets of Clay, (Arts and Activities, Apr 1991)
  • Concept Cars in Clay, (Arts and Activities, Jan 1992)
  • Oh, What a Relief, (Arts and Activities, Feb 1999)


  • Don't Stay Under the Couch: Starbuck and the Bully (ESSDACK, Jan 2011)
  • Your Digital Dad: Climbing from Base Camp to the Summit of Your Dreams (Gaggle, May 2015)

"Co-Authored Books"

  • Midnight Run: My Narrow Escape to a Better Future (With Terri Peckham, ESSDACK, Oct 2015)


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