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Kansas City Blues-Cowboys
Based in Kansas City, Missouri, United States
League National Football League
Team historyKansas City Blues (1924)
Kansas City Cowboys (1925–26)
Team colorsBlack, White          
Head coaches LeRoy Andrews
Home field(s) Traveling Team

Kansas City, Missouri had a National Football League team prior to the Chiefs that operated under two different names: The Blues in 1924 and the Cowboys from 1925–1926 [1]. The Blues competed as a traveling team, playing all of their NFL games in other cities' stadiums in their only year under that name. LeRoy Andrews acted as the team's player-coach.


The team was owned by Maurice R. Smith, Joe Brecklein and Cameron K. Reid. The Cowboys were known for dressing in cowboy attire and fans came out in great numbers to see them play. Immediately after the game, the Giants hired away head coach LeRoy Andrews and most of the Cowboys players. Maurice R. Smith then arranged to give what remained of the team to Cleveland under the condition that it would be given back if he wanted the team returned.

President Joe Carr (of the NFL) agreed to the arrangement although there was never any ___urance it would be honored. The Kansas City Cowboys were actually purchased by the Cleveland Bulldogs in 1927 [2] and merged with that franchise. It is believed The Bulldogs were sold to the Detroit Wolverines who hired coach LeRoy Andrews [3] to coach the team. The Wolverines were then bought by the New York Giants who deactivated the team bringing the story of the Kansas City Cowboys, Cleveland Bulldogs and Detroit Wolverines to an end. [4]

Coach Steve Owens played for the Kansas City Cowboys and played for the Cleveland Bulldogs. He and LeRoy Andrews fell out over their part of the purchase price for the Cowboys when they were sold to the Bulldogs and resulted in his contract being sold to the New York Giants. Owens was then hired as head coach of the Giants in 1931 and remained their coach until 1953. [5] [6] [7]

Pro Football Hall of Famers


Year W L T Finish Coach
Blues 1924 2 7 0 15th LeRoy Andrews
Cowboys 1925 2 5 1 13th
1926 8 3 0 4th


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