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For the playwright born 1983, see Joshua Harmon (playwright).

Joshua Harmon (born 1971) is an American poet, novelist, short story writer, and essayist. He has authored five books, including The Annotated Mixtape (nonfiction, 2014), History of Cold Seasons (short stories, 2014), Le Spleen de Poughkeepsie (poems, 2011), Scape (poems, 2009), and Quinnehtukqut (novel, 2007). His third collection of poetry, The Soft Path, will be published by the University of Akron Press [1].

Life and work

Harmon was born and raised in Massachusetts. He was educated at Marlboro College [2] and at Cornell University, where he earned an MFA in fiction. [3]

Quinnehtukqut, excerpts of which were awarded a 2004 National Endowment for the Arts fellowship in prose, [4] was short-listed for the 2008 VCU Cabell First Novelist Award. [5] Of this novel, Open Letters Monthly wrote that "Quinnehtukqut is the most impressive debut I can remember," [6] while The Village Voice wrote that "Harmon...concerns himself with formal innovation at the expense of a coherent narrative." [7]

Le Spleen de Poughkeepsie was awarded the 2010 Akron Poetry Prize by judge G.C. Waldrep and published in the Akron Series in Poetry. [8] The Rumpus called the book "Part love song, part ethnography, part cry for help." [9] Reviewing Le Spleen de Poughkeepsie in Rain Taxi, poet Donna Stonecipher wrote that "in both free-verse and prose poem forms, [Harmon] uses lyric’s heightened capacity for beauty to detail Poughkeepsie’s ugliness in defiantly beautiful formulations." [10].

The Annotated Mixtape was considered "an essay collection on the nature of obsession" in The Rumpus. [11] Kirkus described History of Cold Seasons as "a dozen stories that mash up poetic, dreamlike observations with the caustic, inbred hardiness of New Englanders." [12] The book was called "a remarkably assured and poetic first collection" by the BBC. [13]

Harmon's writing has appeared in various periodicals, including Antioch Review, The Believer, [14] Black Warrior Review, New England Review, [15] TriQuarterly, and Verse.

Harmon has taught at Clark University [16] and Vassar College, where he was also the 2013 Writer-in-Residence. [17] [18] Currently, Harmon is associate teaching professor in Humanities & Arts at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. [19]



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