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Iroquois River
Iroquois River.jpg
The Iroquois River in Newton County, Indiana.
CountryUnited States
Physical characteristics
 - locationNW of Rensselaer, Newton Township, Jasper County, Indiana
 - coordinates 40°57′55″N 87°12′23″W / 40.9652778°N 87.2063889°W / 40.9652778; -87.2063889 (Iroquois River origin)
 - elevation705 feet (215 m)
 - location
Kankakee, Illinois
 - coordinates
41°04′27″N 87°48′59″W / 41.0741993°N 87.8164285°W / 41.0741993; -87.8164285 (Iroquois River mouth)
IROQUOIS RIVER Latitude and Longitude:

41°04′27″N 87°48′59″W / 41.0741993°N 87.8164285°W / 41.0741993; -87.8164285 (Iroquois River mouth)
 - elevation
599 feet (183 m)
Length103 miles (166 km)
Basin size2,091 sq mi (5,420 km2)
 - average1,741 cubic feet per second (49.3 m3/s)
Basin features
GNIS ID 410927
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The Iroquois River is a 103-mile-long (166 km) [1] tributary of the Kankakee River in northwestern Indiana and northeastern Illinois in the United States. [2] It was named for the Iroquois people. [3] Via the Kankakee and Illinois rivers, it is part of the watershed of the Mississippi River.


The Iroquois River rises in Jasper County, Indiana, and flows generally west-southwestwardly through Newton County, Indiana, and Iroquois County, Illinois, where it turns northward and flows into Kankakee County, Illinois. It enters the Kankakee River from the south in Kankakee County, opposite the village of Aroma Park, about 4 miles (6 km) southwest of the city of Kankakee.

Along its course the Iroquois passes the town of Rensselaer, Brook, and Kentland in Indiana and the towns of Iroquois, Watseka and Sugar Island in Illinois.

Variant names

According to the Geographic Names Information System, the Iroquois River, or portions thereof, has also been known as: [2]

  • Borntrager Ditch
  • Burns Ditch
  • Irokois River
  • Iroquois Ditch
  • Pickamick River
  • Pickamink Lateral
  • Pickamink River
  • Pinkamink River
  • Swain Ditch
  • Thompson Ditch

Towns and cities

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Junction of the Iroquois River (left) with the Kankakee River at Aroma Park, Illinois
Junction of the Iroquois River (left) with the Newton County Fair grounds in Kentland, Indiana By Andrew Spiker