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Interstate 84 marker

Interstate 84
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway
I-84 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by ITD
Length275.650 mi [1] (443.616 km)
Major junctions
West end I-84 at Oregon state line
East end I-84 at Utah state line
Counties Payette, Canyon, Ada, Elmore, Gooding, Jerome, Minidoka, Cassia, Oneida
Highway system
SH 81 I-86

Interstate 84 (I-84) in the U.S. state of Idaho, also known as The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway, [2] heads southeast from the Oregon state line near Fruitland. It connects via I-184 to Boise. Eventually, I-84 connects to Interstate 86, and mainline I-84 heads southeast towards Utah. I-86 continues due east and heads to Pocatello, meeting with I-15. I-84 exits the state to the southeast at the Utah state line near the town of Stone.

Route description

Eastbound I-84 in Boise in 2016, approaching I-184 interchange

Eastbound from Oregon, Interstate 84 enters Idaho after crossing the Snake River at an approximate elevation of 2,150 feet (660 m) above sea level. The highway proceeds southeast, passing the community of Fruitland, and reaching an interchange (#3) with U.S. Route 95. It continues southward through rural agricultural area, reaching interchanges with U.S. Route 30 (and Old U.S. 30) as well as passing numerous small buildings. The road continues southeast, traveling parallel to Old U.S. Route 30, reaching an interchange with State Highway 44 from Middleton. The roadway proceeds, interchanging with U.S. Route 20/ 26, which continue concurrently with the highway.

Interstate 84 Business splits off in Caldwell, while I-84 interchanges with 10th Avenue before U.S. 20/26 split off the roadway. The highway continues southeast through Caldwell, then bends east and enters Nampa. I-84 Business returns to the parent route within the city. Adding lanes, the highway continues through Meridian, reaching interchanges with several small roads.

The roadway enters Boise and reaches an interchange with Interstate 184, its auxiliary route which connects to the city center. The highway turns southeast, passing Boise Airport, and interchanges with several roads, before reaching an interchange with U.S. 20/26, which continue concurrently with I-84. Southeast out of Boise, the interstate ascends past the 3,000-foot (910 m) level, enters rural desert area, and interchanges with a few small roads. It bypasses Mountain Home, where Interstate 84 Business (Old U.S. 30) splits off and enters the community. U.S. 20 splits off and heads east towards Fairfield, the way to the Sun Valley ski resort.

I-84 eastbound, nearing
Mountain Home in 2016

South of Mountain Home, I-84 Business reenters the highway, which proceeds eastward, traveling upstream and parallel to the Snake River, before bypassing Glenns Ferry. The highway continues east near the river, interchanging repeatedly with Old U.S. Route 30, bypassing Bliss, where U.S. 26 splits off east to Gooding and Shoshone. The interstate bends southeast, passing through the Malad Gorge and Thousand Springs State Park, Wendell, and bypassing Jerome. It continues to an interchange with U.S. Route 93, which connects south to Twin Falls, before returning to running parallel to the Snake River.

The interstate proceeds east, now over 4,000 feet (1,220 m) in elevation, passing the Hazelton Municipal Airport, and interchanging with several small roads. It passes north of Burley, then reaches an interchange with Interstate 86, which connects to Pocatello. I-84 proceeds southeast, parallel to State Highway 81 for a short distance, then climbs Meadow Creek to an elevated area which crests at 5,530 feet (1,690 m) at Sweetzer Summit. The highway descends southeast through Juniper Valley to the state line, at 4,500 feet (1,370 m), and continues in Utah. [3]


Prior to the construction of I-84, the corridor was served by Idaho State Highway 2. [4]

The highway was officially designated as the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway in 2014, mirroring the name for Oregon's section of I-84. [5]


(As of June 2008) The current pavement starting from the Broadway Interchange in Boise to just before the Cole and Overland Interchange is the original pavement built almost 40 years ago. The Idaho Transportation Department is planning to add a third and fourth lane in that area and repave the bumpy road. In the area between the Meridian Interchange and the Garrity Interchange they are currently creating a third lane due to the heavy traffic in that area. The lanes are now open between Broadway (Exit 54) and the Nampa area (Exit 38). ITD Plans to continue the lanes until about the Caldwell area.

Exit list

CountyLocationmi [1]kmExitDestinationsNotes
Payette0.0000.000 I-84 west – Portland, SeattleContinuation into Oregon
2.8764.6283 US 95 – Parma, Fruitland, PayettePrimary commercial route to north Idaho
9.49815.2869 US 30 west – Emmett, New PlymouthWest end of US-30 overlap
12.90620.77013 Black Canyon Junction
Canyon17.33527.89817 Sand Hollow
24.83939.97425 SH 44 – Middleton
25.99441.83326 US 20 west / US 26 west – Parma, NotusWest end of US-20/US-26 overlap
Caldwell26.72343.00627 I-84 Business Loop east to SH 19 – Caldwell, Wilder, Homedale
27.62044.4502810th Avenue – Caldwell City Center
28.65046.10829 US 20 east / US 26 east (Franklin Road)East end of US-20/US-26 overlap
Nampa33.53953.97633 SH 55 south / Midland Boulevard – Nampa, MarsingWest end of SH-55 overlap; signed as exits 33A (SH-55) and 33B (Midland Boulevard) westbound
34.96556.27135Northside Boulevard
35.98557.91236Franklin Boulevard
37.94561.06738 I-84 Business Loop west (Garrity Boulevard) – Nampa, MurphyExit for the Ford Idaho Center
Ada Meridian42.00067.59242Ten Mile Road
44.00770.82244 SH 69 – Meridian, Kuna
45.99874.02746 SH 55 north – McCall, EagleEast end of SH-55 overlap
Boise49.30779.35249 I-184 east / Franklin Road – Boise City CenterI-184 exit 0 westbound.
50.14080.69350Overland Road, Cole RoadSigned as exits 50A (West Overland Road) and 50B (Cole Road/Overland Road) eastbound, and 50A (Cole Road/Overland Road) and 50B (East Overland Road) westbound
51.99783.68152Orchard Street
53.48386.07353Vista Avenue – Boise Airport
54.48587.68554 US 20 west / US 26 west (Broadway Avenue) – Boise City CenterWest end of US-20/US-26 overlap
56.93291.62357 SH 21 (Gowen Road) – Idaho CityExit for South Federal Way
59.51095.77259South Eisenman Road InterchangeSigned as exits 59A (South Eisenman IC) and 59B (Memory Road) eastbound
63.517102.22164Blacks Creek Road – Kuna
70.772113.89671 Orchard, Mayfield
Elmore74.333119.62774Simco Road
90.280145.29290 I-84 Business Loop east to SH 51 / SH 67 – Mountain Home, Bruneau
Mountain Home95.193153.19895 US 20 east – Fairfield, Mountain Home, Sun ValleyEast end of US-20 overlap
99.570160.24299 I-84 Business Loop west (Bennett Road, Old Oregon Trail Road) to SH 51 / SH 67 – Mountain Home
111.800179.925112 I-84 Business Loop east to SH 78 – Hammett
113.856183.233114 I-84 Business Loop west to SH 78 / Cold Springs Road – HammettWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
120.149193.361120 I-84 Business Loop east – Glenns FerryEastbound exit and westbound entrance
121.094194.882121 I-84 Business Loop west – King Hill, Glenns Ferry
125.159201.424125 Paradise Valley
128.993207.594129 King Hill
Gooding137.060220.577137 I-84 Business Loop east / US 30 east / Pioneer Road – Buhl, BlissEast end of US-30 overlap
140.405225.960141 I-84 Business Loop west / US 26 east to US 30 – Gooding, Hagerman, BlissEast end of US-26 overlap
146.870236.364147 Tuttle
155.260249.867155 To SH 46 – Wendell, Hagerman
156.581251.993157 SH 46 – Gooding, Wendell
Jerome165.160265.799165 SH 25 – Jerome
168.010270.386168 SH 79 – Jerome
173.013278.437173 US 93 – Wells, Sun Valley, Twin Falls, Las VegasMain exit into Twin Falls via the Perrine Bridge
181.930292.788182 SH 50 – Kimberly, Eden, Twin Falls
188.301303.041188Valley Road – Hazelton, Eden
193.525311.448194 SH 25 west (Ridgeway Road) – HazeltonWest end of SH-25 overlap
county line
200.536322.731201 SH 25 east / Kasota Road – PaulEast end of SH-25 overlap
Minidoka208.015334.768208 I-84 Business Loop east / SH 27 – Paul, Burley
210.591338.913211 I-84 Business Loop west / US 30 west / SH 24 – Burley, Heyburn, RupertWest end of US-30 overlap
Cassia216.395348.254216 SH 25 / SH 77 – Albion, Rupert, Declo
221.880357.081222 I-86 east / US 30 east to I-15 – PocatelloEast end of US-30 overlap; former I-15W east; I-86 exit 1 westbound to 84 eastbound
227.950366.850228 To SH 81 / Yale Road – Malta, Declo
236.655380.859237Idahome Road
244.810393.984245Sublett Road – Malta
253.705408.299254Sweetzer Road
Oneida262.512422.472263Juniper Road
275.650443.616 I-84 east – Ogden, Salt Lake CityContinuation into Utah
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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