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Interstate 635 marker

Interstate 635
Harry Darby Memorial Highway
I-635 highlighted in red
Route information
Auxiliary route of I‑35
Length12.67 mi [1] (20.39 km)
Major junctions
South end I-35 / US-69 in Overland Park, KS
North end I-29 / US 71 in Kansas City, MO
States Kansas, Missouri
CountiesKS: Johnson, Wyandotte
MO: Platte
Highway system
  • Kansas State Highway System

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Interstate 635 (I-635) is a connector highway between Interstate 35 in Overland Park, Kansas and Interstate 29 in Kansas City, Missouri, approximately 12 miles (19.5 kilometers) long. It is mostly in the U.S. state of Kansas, servicing the city of Kansas City, Kansas, but extends into Kansas City, Missouri as well. The freeway's southern terminus is at a stack interchange with I-35. South of this, the mainline becomes an expressway carrying U.S. 69.

The freeway provides a route around downtown Kansas City by crossing through residential areas of Kansas City, Kansas and Riverside, Missouri. It also provides another direct route to Kansas City International Airport.

Route description


Interstate 635 begins at I-35 in Johnson County, near Shawnee, Kansas. There is a Parclo Interchange with Merriam Drive almost immediately after its terminus. It then enters Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas. There is a diamond interchange with Shawnee Drive and a Parclo Interchange with Metropolitan Avenue upon entering the Argentine neighborhood. There is an interchange with K-32/Kansas Avenue and then crosses the Kansas River into central Kansas City, KS. Immediately after crossing the river, there is an interchange with I-70. There are several interchanges further north, including State Avenue, Parallel Parkway, and Leavenworth Road. The last public interchange before entering Missouri is K-5. A private maintenance facility crossing at grade exists between this exit and the Missouri River.


Like Interstate 435, I-635's mileposts do not reset after crossing into Missouri.

I-635 crosses the Missouri River from Kansas into Platte County and the city of Riverside, MO. There is an interchange with Horizons Parkway, then US-69. US-69 briefly runs concurrently with I-635 north before exiting at the interchange with MO-9. I-635 runs a few more miles north, then terminates at I-29/ US-71.


Missouri began the plans for I-635 in 1958 when AASHTO approved proposals that also included what would become I-435 and I-470; the plan for I-635 took the route eastward along what is now K-5 to U.S. 69 and northward across the Fairfax Bridge toward I-29. [2] When money from the Highway Trust Fund became available for a new Missouri River crossing, I-635 got a more westward alignment after 1968. [2] Part of the original alignment was built as a spur going into Fairfax as K-5. [3]

In 1990 the highway was given the name Harry Darby Memorial Highway, in honor of U.S. Senator Harry Darby. [4] [5] [6]

The interchange with I-70 and the bridge over the Santa Fe Railyard in Argentine were reconstructed in 2004. [7]

Maintenance work on the bridge over the Missouri River finished in September 2005.[ citation needed]

Exit list

Kansas Johnson Overland Park0.000.00 US-69 south (Metcalf Avenue)Southern terminus; continuation beyond I-35
1A US-69 north / I-35 â€“ Des Moines, WichitaSouthbound exit and northbound entrance; I-35 exits 231A–B
Wyandotte Kansas City0.50.801BMerriam Lane, Merriam Drive
1.01.61CShawnee Drive
2.33.72AMetropolitan Avenue
2.94.72BSwartz RoadSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
3.76.03 K-32 (Kansas Avenue)
4.57.24 I-70 / US-24 / US-40 / Kansas Turnpike â€“ Topeka, St. LouisSigned as exits 4A (east) & 4B (west); I-70 exits 418A–B eastbound, 419 westbound.
5.48.75 State Avenue
6.310.16 Parallel Parkway
7.311.77 K-5 north (Leavenworth Road) / 38th StreetSouthern terminus of K-5 concurrency
8.313.48 K-5 south / 18th StreetNorthern terminus of K-5 concurrency; left exit and entrance southbound
Missouri River9.0–
Kansas–Missouri state line
Missouri Platte Riverside9.515.39Horizons Parkway, Argosy Casino Parkway
10.617.110 US 69 south (Fairfax District Way)Southern terminus of US 69 concurrency; southbound exit and northbound entrance
11.017.711 US 69 north / Route 9 â€“ Riverside, ParkvilleNorthern terminus of US 69 concurrency; signed as exits 11A (US 69/Rte. 9) and 11B (Rte. 9 north)
12.720.412 I-29 / US 71 â€“ Kansas City International Airport, St. Joseph, DowntownNorthern terminus; I-29 exit 3B; signed as exits 12A (north) & 12B (south); tri-stack interchange.
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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