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Inks Lake State Park
Devil's Waterhole.jpg
Devil's Waterhole in Inks Lake State Park
Map showing the location of Inks Lake State Park
Map showing the location of Inks Lake State Park
Location Burnet County, Texas
Nearest city Burnet
Coordinates 30°43′52″N 98°22′14″W / 30.73111°N 98.37056°W / 30.73111; -98.37056
INKS LAKE STATE PARK Latitude and Longitude:

30°43′52″N 98°22′14″W / 30.73111°N 98.37056°W / 30.73111; -98.37056
Area1,201 acres (486 ha)
Governing body Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Inks Lake State Park is a state park located in Burnet County, Texas, United States, next to Inks Lake on the Colorado River. The landscape of the park is hilly, with many cedar, live oak, prickly pear cacti, and yuccas. The ground is rocky, mainly consisting of gneiss rock.

Devil's Waterhole is a small extension of Inks Lake, which is almost completely surrounded by rock. A canoe tour is conducted at Devil's Waterhole, and although diving and swimming may be done at the waterhole, it is at one's own risk, without a lifeguard.

There is abundant wildlife at the park, including deer, vultures, quail, and many other types of birds.


The park is located in the eastern edge of a Mesoproterozoic exposure within the Llano Uplift. The rocks of the park are named for the park as the Inks Lake Gneiss, a granitic gneiss dated at 1,232 million years old. [1]


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