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Howell-North Books
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Headquarters locationBerkeley, California
Publication typesbooks
Nonfiction topicsrailroads, American history

Howell-North Books was a book publishing company based in Berkeley, California. [1] They specialized in American history, in particular railroadiana, the American West, and nautical history. They were active from at least 1959 to 1981. [2] [3]

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  • Mansions on Rails: The Folklore of the Private Rail Car, Lucius Beebe (1959)
  • Eight Immortal Flavors: Secrets of Cantonese Cookery from San Francisco's Chinatown, Johnny Kan and Charles L. Leong. (1963)
  • The Thousand Mile Summer, Colin Fletcher (1964)
  • David F. Myrick, ed. (1958). Reproduction of Thompson and West's History of Nevada 1881, with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Its Prominent Men and Pioneers. Berkeley, California: Howell-North Books. ASIN  B000EDOHLG.
  • Snowplow: Clearing Mountain Rails, [4] Gerald M. Best (1966)


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