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Hindu Temple of St. Louis
Affiliation Hinduism
Location Ballwin
State Missouri
CountryUnited States
Hindu Temple of St. Louis is located in Missouri
Hindu Temple of St. Louis
Location in Missouri
Geographic coordinates 38°36′53″N 90°29′57″W / 38.614725°N 90.499097°W / 38.614725; -90.499097
HINDU TEMPLE OF ST. LOUIS Latitude and Longitude:

38°36′53″N 90°29′57″W / 38.614725°N 90.499097°W / 38.614725; -90.499097

The Hindu Temple of St. Louis is located in Ballwin, Missouri and serves over 14,000 Hindus residing in the St. Louis Area. The temple is located at 725 Weidman Rd, St. Louis, MO, 63011. The temple has five priests who are well versed and competent in performing various Hindu rituals. They are namely Sreenivas Deevi, Rameshwar Das, Vedantam Sharma, Rajaswamy,and Bharadhwaj Muralidharan.


The Hindu Temple of St. Louis was formally registered as a Not For Profit Organization in Missouri in 1988. Groundbreaking of the temple commenced on April 21 1990 with a Bhoomi Pooja and by November 8 1991, the temple was completed. The first physical deities were installed in 1995, replacing pictures of deities. [1] [2] Mahatma Gandhi Cultural Center was the first building constructed in 1991. In 2000, several sculptors arrived from India to create ornate details on the gopuram. In 2008, Hindu Temple of St. Louis bought a nearby housing complex for $3 Million to expand the annex. [3] This expansion sponsored criticism among local citizens due to the increased traffic, noise pollution and light pollution, impacting citizens who live adjacent to the annex. In 2012, the local subdivision and the temple reached a agreement to build a wall around its newly acquired land and a "15 feet setback". [4] [5]


The temple currently consists of a worship place, a cultural center, reception area, a cafeteria, a library, a parking lot and a auditorium.


In 2003, two vandals attacked the Hindu Temple with Molotov Cocktails, impacting the front doors but causing no injuries. [6] The suspects were later apprehended.


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