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Hana Hou!
EditorMichael Shapiro
Categories Inflight magazine
Frequency Bi-monthly
Circulation110,000 [1]
PublisherChris Pearce
First issue 1998 (1998-month)
CompanyPacific Travelogue Inc.
Country United States
Based in Honolulu
Website www.hanahou.com

Hana Hou! is an American bi-monthly English language inflight magazine. [2] It is published for Hawaiian Airlines by Honolulu-based Pacific Travelogue Inc.

Hana Hou! (which means encore! in the Hawaiian language) includes feature stories, interviews, travelogues and profiles, and ‘Best of the Islands’ [3] [4] and ‘Native Intelligence’ [5] sections.

The awards which the magazine has received [6] include two in 2007 from the Hawaiian chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. [7]

Hana Hou! maintains extensive archives which include back issues going back as far as 2002 (Volume 5) on its website. [8] [9] While complimentary copies are provided on all Hawaiian Airlines flights, the magazine is also marketed at newsstands in Hawaii and by subscription. [6]


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