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GULL ROCK MADISON Latitude and Longitude:

41°16′02.5″N 72°35′54.2″W / 41.267361°N 72.598389°W / 41.267361; -72.598389
Gull Rock is a small rock ledge 542 feet (165.2 meters) off the coast of Madison in New Haven County, Connecticut. It is 883 square feet (269 square meters) in size and made of glacial granite. It was named due to the large numbers of seabirds that rest there. Some parts of Gull Rock are covered in hardy plants during the summer months, and invertebrates thrive here. The island and its neighbors are occasionally considered to be part of the Thimble Islands, though this is uncommon. A steel seawall, now decrepit and unused, runs submerged from Gull Rock to the shore. [1]

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