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Frederick Louis Maytag II (January 8, 1911 – November 4, 1962) was President and, later, Chairman of the Maytag company. [1] In the early 1940s, he and Robert E. Maytag (1923- ), both sons of Elmer Henry Maytag, created a cheese plant and storage caves on Maytag Dairy Farms to take advantage of a process developed by Iowa State University researchers to make blue cheese using homogenized milk [2] He married and had as his son Frederick Louis Maytag III. [3] [4]


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  2. ^ "Celebs and chefs make Maytag Blue a cheese to envy". Retrieved 2007-02-14. In the early 1940s, Frederick Louis Maytag II, E.H.'s son, heard about a new blue cheese process being developed by Iowa State. An agreement was worked out for Maytag to use the process. A cheese plant and storage caves were built. The first cheese was produced in 1941.[ dead link]
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Business positions
Preceded by
Elmer Henry Maytag
President of Maytag Corporation
Succeeded by
E.G. Higdon