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Fourche La Fave River
Fourche La Fave River.jpg
Country United States
State Arkansas
Physical characteristics
Source Scott County, Arkansas
 - coordinates 34°46′08″N 94°09′33″W / 34.76883°N 94.15918°W / 34.76883; -94.15918
Mouth Bigelow, Arkansas
 - coordinates
34°57′57″N 92°34′54″W / 34.96580°N 92.58162°W / 34.96580; -92.58162
FOURCHE LA FAVE RIVER Latitude and Longitude:

34°57′57″N 92°34′54″W / 34.96580°N 92.58162°W / 34.96580; -92.58162
Length140 mi (230 km)

The Fourche La Fave River (pronounced "Foosh La Fay"; shown as Fourche LaFave River on federal maps [1]) is a tributary of the Arkansas River, approximately 151 miles (243 km) long, [2] in western Arkansas in the United States. It drains part of the northern Ouachita Mountains west of Little Rock.

It was named for the La Feve family who settled near its mouth. [3] Fourche is French meaning "fork".


It rises in southern Scott County south of Waldron and flows east-northeast through the Ouachita National Forest, along the southern side of the Dutch Creek Mountain ridge, then along the north side of the Fourche Mountain ridge. It flows past Perryville and joins the Arkansas from the west approximately 25 miles (40 km) northwest of Little Rock. It is impounded by the Nimrod Dam at Fourche Junction to form Nimrod Lake for flood control. It is joined by the South Fourche La Fave River west of Perryville.


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