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Fortification Hill
( viewed from ~due west )
Lake Mead forticationhill.jpg
Highest point
Elevation3,720 ft (1,134 m)   NAVD 88 [1]
Prominence863 ft (263 m)  [2]
Coordinates 36°02′40″N 114°40′52″W / 36.044327039°N 114.681155314°W / 36.044327039; -114.681155314
FORTIFICATION HILL Latitude and Longitude:

36°02′40″N 114°40′52″W / 36.044327039°N 114.681155314°W / 36.044327039; -114.681155314
Fortification Hill . is located in Arizona
Fortification Hill .
Hill .
Location Mohave County, Arizona, U.S.
Parent range Black Mountains (Arizona)
Topo map USGS Hoover Dam

Fortification Hill is a prominence adjacent to Lake Mead in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area; it is located at the northwest terminus region of the Black Mountains (Arizona), and specifically the north region of the Black Mountains. It is near a southern section of Lake Mead, and just northeast of Hoover Dam. It can easily be seen eastward across Las Vegas Bay or from the two northern mountain terminuses of Eldorado Mountains ( Nevada), or the Black Mountains (Arizona).

The mountain prominence is plateau-like, or mesa-like with its highpoint at the southeast terminus, and sloping north and northwestwards toward Lake Mead. The prominence is 3,719 feet (1,134 m). [2]

The flat mountaintop, sloping northwards is composed of Tertiary basaltic lava flows. [3]

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