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Fort Meadow Reservoir
Fort Meadow Reservoir, Marlborough MA.jpg
Waterfront view
Location Marlborough, Massachusetts
Coordinates 42°22′04″N 71°33′07″W / 42.36778°N 71.55194°W / 42.36778; -71.55194
FORT MEADOW RESERVOIR Latitude and Longitude:

42°22′04″N 71°33′07″W / 42.36778°N 71.55194°W / 42.36778; -71.55194
Max. length2,480 metres (1.54 mi)
Max. width700 metres (2,300 ft)
Surface area260 acres (1.1 km2)
Average depth9 feet (2.7 m)
Max. depth30 feet (9.1 m)

Fort Meadow Reservoir is a 260-acre lake in Marlborough, Massachusetts, United States. At its widest point, the lake measures roughly 700 metres. From end to end, it measures 2,480 metres (1.54 mi) long.

Amory Maynard, the founder of Maynard, Massachusetts, originally operated a saw mill on the channel leading into Fort Meadow Pond before the City of Boston acquired his water rights. The Reservoir lies 76.2 metres (250 ft) above sea level. [1]

The Fort Meadow Reservoir ends at the borders of Hudson and Marlborough. The lake consists of a primary and secondary basin, separated by a narrows near the center of the two. The primary basin is split into two sections by a road.

Two public beaches are located on the secondary basin. Centennial Beach lies on the Hudson side while Memorial Beach lies on the Marlborough side.

Motorized boating is allowed, making it a popular local destination for recreation.


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