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The Flaghouse Homes was a Baltimore Public Housing Project built in 1955. They were located in the Jonestown section of Southeast Baltimore North of Little Italy and East of downtown bounded by Pratt Street on the South, Baltimore Street on the North, Central Avenue on the East and President Street on the West. They were demolished in 2001.


The Flaghouse Homes are shown in Homicide: Life on the Street but are mistakenly called the Perkins Homes, a nearby housing project. This is proven in the following manner- The Flaghouse homes were North of Little Italy across Pratt Street unlike the Perkins Homes which are east of Little Italy across Central Avenue; Additionally, the Flaghouse Homes were high-rise buildings as depicted on the show unlike the Perkins Homes which are no more than three stories high at any given location. This can be seen in episodes 6.1-6.3, the three part sixth season premier titled as Blood Ties.

FLAGHOUSE HOMES Latitude and Longitude:

39°17′21″N 76°36′9″W / 39.28917°N 76.60250°W / 39.28917; -76.60250