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Fitzhugh Mounds
Ancient Work Madison Parish, La Squier and Davis Plate XXXIX.jpg
Plate XXXIX Ancient Works in Madison Parish, La
Fitzhugh Mounds is located in Louisiana
Fitzhugh Mounds
Location within Louisiana today
Location Mound, LouisianaMadison Parish, Louisiana  USA
Region Madison Parish, Louisiana
Coordinates 32°19′14.6″N 91°4′49.3″W / 32.320722°N 91.080361°W / 32.320722; -91.080361
Founded700 CE
PeriodsFitzhugh Phase
Cultures Plaquemine culture
Site notes
Responsible body: private

Fitzhugh Mounds is an archaeological site in Madison Parish, Louisiana from the Plaquemine\ Mississippian period dating to approximately 1200–1541 CE. [1] It is the type site for the Fitzhugh Phase(1350-1500) of the Tensas Basin Plaquemine Mississippian chronology.


The site was once an impressive seven-mound complex, with four of the platform mounds surrounding a central plaza. The site is first mentioned in E. G. Squier and E. H. Davis' Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley in 1848. [2]

The largest mound at the site, at 30 feet (9.1 m) in height, was bulldozed and carted away to use as fill during the construction of Interstate 20. Other of the mounds have been extensively plowed by local farmers and only two of the original seven mounds remain. Mound B is 10 feet (3.0 m) in height. Mound D serves as an active historic cemetery and is approximately 4 feet (1.2 m) in height. [1]


The site is located on La 602 4 miles (6.4 km) south-southwest of its junction with I-20. [1]

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