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Egg Rock (sometimes called Elephant Rock) in Nahant Bay near Nahant, Massachusetts is a small (3-acre) island at 42°26′00″N 70°53′52″W / 42.4333°N 70.8978°W / 42.4333; -70.8978
EGG ROCK (NAHANT BAY) Latitude and Longitude:

42°26′00″N 70°53′52″W / 42.4333°N 70.8978°W / 42.4333; -70.8978
. It was formerly the site of a lighthouse known as Egg Rock Light but now is owned by the state of Massachusetts as a bird sanctuary. [1] Egg Rock can be seen clearly from the coasts of Nahant, Swampscott, and Lynn. Egg Rock is the setting for Sylvia Plath's poem, "Suicide at Egg Rock," and also appears in her novel, The Bell Jar. [2]


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