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Eagle Hill River
Rowley River (Massachusetts) map.jpg
Eagle Hill River
Country United States
Location Ipswich, MA
Physical characteristics
 - coordinates 42°41′42″N 70°49′57″W / 42.6950°N 70.8324°W / 42.6950; -70.8324
 - location
Plum Island Sound
 - coordinates
42°42′40″N 70°48′50″W / 42.711°N 70.814°W / 42.711; -70.814
EAGLE HILL RIVER Latitude and Longitude:

42°42′40″N 70°48′50″W / 42.711°N 70.814°W / 42.711; -70.814
Length2 mi (3.2 km)

The Eagle Hill River is a small river in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

The river arises within salt marshes just north of Ipswich, and empties into the Plum Island Sound. Broad and shallow, its total length is approximately 2 miles.

From Eagle Hill Road