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Diamond State Roller Derby
League logo
former logo as "Diamond State Roller Girls"
Metro area Wilmington, Delaware
Country United States
Track type(s)Flat
VenueChristiana Skating Center
Affiliations WFTDA
Website diamondstaterollerderby.com

Diamond State Roller Derby (DSRD) is a flat track roller derby league based in Wilmington, Delaware. Founded in 2006, the league has since grown to include four teams: one travel team and three home teams. Diamond State is a member of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA). [1]


The league was formed in March 2006 as the "Wilmington City Ruff Rollers", by four local women: Naughty Nikki Napalm, WitchBlade, Will O' the Whip, and Lolli Dagger, [2] two of whom had unsuccessfully tried out for a Philadelphia-based league. [3] They soon recruited more skaters, bringing the league up to twenty, and remained around this strength for several years, but the release of the movie Whip It rapidly drew additional interest. [4]

The organization was accepted into the Women's Flat Track Derby Association Apprentice Program in January 2010, [5] and adopted the name "Diamond State Roller Girls" soon after. [4] It became a full member of the WFTDA in December 2012. [6] As of January 1, 2013, DSRG has graduated from the Women's Flat Track Derby Association's (WFTDA) apprentice program and are now eligibile to obtain regional ranking. DSRG is the first roller derby league in the state of Delaware to accomplish this.

At the beginning of 2012, DSRG underwent an enormous restructuring to make the league more competitive. Part of this involved a more regimented training program for new skaters, a new Board of Directors, and a new coaching staff. Due to all the changes made, Diamond State Roller Girls had greater growth and skater retention during the 2012 season than all other previous seasons. The three previous home teams were the Back Alley Brawlers, The Black Eyed Bombshells, and the Hardwood Heartbreakers.

In January 2016, the league changed its name to Diamond State Roller Derby. [7]

WFTDA rankings

Season Final ranking [8] Playoffs Championship
2014 198 WFTDA [9] DNQ DNQ
2015 269 WFTDA [10] DNQ DNQ
2016 311 WFTDA [11] DNQ DNQ


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