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Delta Private Jets [1]
Delta Private Jets Logo.png
IATA ICAO Callsign
Hubs Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport
Fleet size70
Parent companyDelta Air Lines
Headquarters Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport
Boone County, Kentucky, United States

Delta Private Jets, Inc. [2] is an American airline. Its corporate headquarters is on the property of Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport in Boone County, Kentucky. [3] It operates jet aircraft as a subsidiary of Delta Air Lines. Its main base is Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. [4]


The airline was founded as Comair Jet Express. It was renamed in October 2001 by parent company Delta Air Lines. It is wholly owned by Delta Air Lines. [4]

Delta Private Jets is a private aircraft service, which is at aimed at businesses needing service to destinations on a private aircraft or that the airport does not supply on a regular basis. Delta Private Jet is also available to Elite SkyMile members for an upgrade purchase price of $300–800 on select routes from Delta's Cincinnati, Atlanta, and New York hubs. In addition, this service allows travelers to avoid flying hassles such as security. [5]

Delta Private Jets headquarters is located at 82 Comair Boulevard building, which used to be the Comair headquarters and was called the Comair General Office Building. [6] [7]

In June 2017, David Sneed, who had overseen a number of changes, including accepting SkyMiles as payments for jet cards, left Delta Private Jets where he was the senior executive. No replacement was immediately announced, although Delta Air Lines officials say they remain committed to the private jet service. [8] In July 2017, Delta Private Jets named former Virgin Australia COO Gary Hammes as its new president replacing Sneed. [9]

In January 2017, Delta Private Jets announced Sky Access, a new membership program. For an initiation fee of $8,500 and $6,000 renewal, members can book as many empty leg flights as they wish for free. Members get the entire aircraft. DPJ said they flew over 6,300 empty legs in 2017. [10]


Delta Private Jet Card holders receive SkyMiles Diamond Medallion tier status. They also receive regular commercial flight ticket discounts. [11]


The Delta Private Jets fleet includes the following aircraft (as of January 2018): [4]


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