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Delmarva Central Railroad
Reporting markDCR
Locale Delmarva Peninsula
Dates of operation2016–
Track gauge4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge
Length176.39 miles (283.87 km)
Headquarters Oakmont, Pennsylvania
Website Official website

The Delmarva Central Railroad ( reporting mark DCR) is an American short-line railroad owned by Carload Express that operates 176.39 miles (283.87 km) of track on the Delmarva Peninsula in the states of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. The railroad operates lines from Porter, Delaware to Hallwood, Virginia and from Harrington, Delaware to Frankford, Delaware along with several smaller branches. The DCR interchanges with the Norfolk Southern Railway, the Maryland and Delaware Railroad, and the Delaware Coast Line Railroad. The railroad was created in 2016 to take over the Norfolk Southern Railway lines on the Delmarva Peninsula.


The DCR operates on 176.39 miles (283.87 km) of trackage on the Delmarva Peninsula in the states of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. The DCR's main line runs 113.79 miles (183.13 km) from Porter, Delaware south to Pocomoke City, Maryland on the Delmarva Subdivision, with the section leading into Pocomoke City called the Pocomoke Industrial Track. The main line trackage continues south 14.8 miles (23.8 km) from Pocomoke City to Hallwood, Virginia on the Delmarva Industrial Track. A branch line runs 39.0 miles (62.8 km) from a junction with the Delmarva Subdivision in Harrington, Delaware to Frankford, Delaware on the Indian River Subdivision to the Indian River Power Plant and then on the Dagsboro Industrial Track to Frankford. Smaller lines operated by the DCR include the 0.4-mile (0.64 km) Oxford Industrial Track in Clayton, Delaware, the 2.3-mile (3.7 km) Cambridge Industrial Track in Seaford, Delaware, the 3.65-mile (5.87 km) Willards Industrial Track in Salisbury, Maryland, the 0.65-mile (1.05 km) Mardela Industrial Track in Salisbury, the 0.6-mile (0.97 km) Mill Street Industrial Track in Salisbury, and the 1.2-mile (1.9 km) Crisfield Industrial Track in Kings Creek, Maryland. [1] [2] The DCR also has trackage rights on Norfolk Southern Railway tracks from Porter to Tasker near New Castle, Delaware. [2]

The DCR interchanges with the Norfolk Southern Railway in Clayton for mixed freight and Tasker for unit trains. There are also interchanges with the Maryland and Delaware Railroad in Townsend, Seaford, and Frankford; and the Delaware Coast Line Railroad in Ellendale and Georgetown. [3] The Delmarva Central Railroad operates with 12 locomotives, consisting of EMD GP11, EMD GP38-2, EMD MP15AC, and EMD SD40-2 models. [4] Products carried by the railroad include grain, propane, building materials, and bulk products. [5] The railroad occasionally hauls coal to the Indian River Power Plant operated by NRG Energy, running as needed. The Delmarva Central Railroad provides freight service to over 50 customers. [6]

The railroad is a subsidiary of Carload Express, a shortline operator based in Oakmont, Pennsylvania that also owns the Allegheny Valley Railroad, the Southwest Pennsylvania Railroad, and the Ohio Terminal Railway. Local management of the DCR is based in Harrington while freight operations are based in Dover, Delaware, Harrington, Seaford, and Delmar, Delaware. [3] The DCR consists of 30 employees. [4]

The DCR's GP11 locomotives were on the line only temporarily, until operations were well underway, and the October 2018 issue of Railpace magazine noted on page 9 that the last two GP11s on the DCR had departed. DCR 2005 and 2007 were interchanged to Norfolk Southern at Clayton, DE, on July 25, 2018 for movement back to the home rails of parent company Carload Express in Oakmont, PA. The magazine added that the DCR now has "an adequate number" of MP15s and GP38s to handle local chores.


The tracks that the DCR operates on were originally part of the Pennsylvania Railroad and passed to the Penn Central Transportation Company in 1968, Conrail in 1976, and the Norfolk Southern Railway in 1999. On April 1, 2006, the Norfolk Southern Railway established the Delmarva Business Unit as a marketing and business unit to improve customer service and operating efficiency as well as attract customers on its trackage in Delaware and eastern Maryland. The Delmarva Business Unit consisted of 191 miles (307 km) of trackage running between Newark, Delaware and Edgemoor Yard in Wilmington, Delaware, Wilmington and Pocomoke City, and Harrington and Frankford. The business unit, which was headquartered in Wilmington, had its own local management team. [7]

In October 2016, the Norfolk Southern Railway selected Carload Express to lease and operate its Delmarva Peninsula trackage between Porter and Pocomoke City and Harrington and Frankford in an effort to turn around the underperforming lines. [8] The DCR filed its application to begin operations with the Surface Transportation Board (STB) the following month. [9] As a result of the acquisition, Carload Express purchased 17 additional locomotives. [10] In December, the Sheet Metal Workers' International Association union filed a protest with the STB over the transaction, claiming that it did not have the resources to safely operate, [11] but the STB dismissed the case in March 2017. [12]

In June 2018, the DCR took over operations from the Bay Coast Railroad on trackage owned by the Canonie Atlantic Corporation between Pocomoke City and Hallwood after the Bay Coast Railroad ceased operations on May 18, 2018. The DCR took over the portion of the Bay Coast Railroad between Pocomoke City and Hallwood in order to continue rail service to the remaining customers along the line. [13] [14]

On January 1, 2019, the DCR will take over operations on the track currently operated by the Delaware Coast Line Railroad between Ellendale and Milton, Delaware and Georgetown and Cool Spring, Delaware, having won the bid to operate the lines under contract from the State of Delaware. [15]


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