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Deep Creek Mountains
Deep Creeks covered in snow
Highest point
Peak Ibapah Peak
Elevation12,087 ft (3,684 m)
The Deep Creek mountain range, Utah, location.
The Deep Creek mountain range, Utah, location.
The Deep Creek mountain range in Utah
CountryUnited States
Range coordinates 39°50′42″N 113°54′40″W / 39.845°N 113.911°W / 39.845; -113.911
DEEP CREEK RANGE Latitude and Longitude:

39°50′42″N 113°54′40″W / 39.845°N 113.911°W / 39.845; -113.911
Parent rangeRocky Mountains
Type of rock granite

The Deep Creek Mountains, officially the Deep Creek Range ( Goshute: Pi'a-roi-ya-bi) [1], are a mountain range in the Great Basin located in extreme western Tooele County and Juab County, Utah, in the western United States. [2] The range trends north-south, (with a curl to the west at the southern end, 16% of range in White Pine County, Nevada [3]), and is composed of granite in its central highest portion. The valley to the east is Snake Valley and to the west is Deep Creek Valley. Nearby communities include Callao, Utah to the east and the community of Ibapah and the lands of the Confederated Tribes of the Goshute Reservation to the west.

The highest point in the Deep Creek Range is Ibapah Peak, an ultra prominent peak, which rises to 12,087 feet (3,684 m). Other peaks include Haystack Peak at 12,020 feet (3,660 m) and Red Mountain at 11,588 feet (3,532 m). The range is the source of several perennial streams and supports a diverse coniferous forest, with an "island" of alpine tundra on the highest summits. The range has a vertical relief of 7,800 feet (2,400 m) above the salt flats of the Great Salt Lake Desert lying to the northeast and rises about 6,000 feet (1,800 m) above the semiarid plains to the west.


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